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August 11, 2017 | Author: Anonymous | Category: ASP.NET, SQL, C#, Microsoft SQL Server
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Coded in ASP.NET MVC5 (Angular JS/Bootstrap/HTML5/ C#) Web Application in payroll interacting with (Oracle 11g/12c/ SQL ...


Yaseer Arafat 6-A-5-3 Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh +8801851618597

[email protected] m  m 

PROFILE (C#/ASP.NET/AGILE MICROSOFT PROFESSIONAL)  VISION: To  VISION: To provide clients world class services and consultancy to help them stay competitive, while commanding respect for best ethical practices, knowledge and competence from clients and peers in the industry. EXPERIENCED: An EXPERIENCED: An accomplished software programmer in User Interface Design. Proficient background in full life cycle and agile development process. Proven track record in both small and large development teams within start-up and established corporate environments. DRIVEN & RELIABLE: Strong RELIABLE:  Strong work ethic and intense desire to succeed at all tasks and projects. Established history of delivering high quality and flexible solutions within allotted timeframes. EXCELLENT PROGRAMMING BACKGROUND: Expertise BACKGROUND:  Expertise with Windows/Web-based front-end and back-end applications. E-commerce and website engineering, development and operation. Comprehensive knowledge of Business-to-business and Business-to-individual Applications and strategies, Internet/Intranet technologies, such as client/server, order entry, shopping cart, portals and other interactive programming. BUSINESS PROCESS EXPERTISE: EXPERTISE: ERP solutions, accounting, finance, government, health, general ledger, inventory, billing, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, point-of-sale. Ability to advice on tool selection, operating systems and application selections based on customer ne eds and operating budgets. TEAM PLAYER / LEADERSHIP: Accomplish LEADERSHIP:  Accomplish goals through people. Use people skills to build group involvement, generate enthusiasm, and increase participation. Willing to help others in need. Excellent leadership potential in the areas of coaching and facilitating. One who knows that the success of a project is not based on a single person, but on the collaborative team effort. PEOPLE SKILLS. GREGARIOUS AND SOCIABLE: SOCIABLE : Mix well both on and off job. As manager, use people skills to build group involvement and create participation from group. Encourage openness and trust. PROBLEM SOLVER: Analytical, SOLVER: Analytical, methodical, and resourceful approach to problem-solving, identifying root causes and corrective actions to meet short- and long-term business, financial, and system requirements.

SPECIALITIES  C#, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET, Web API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, KnockoutJS, SQL, XML, XSLT, LINQ, WCF, Open XML, ADO.NET, web services and applications, Win Forms, ORM (Entity Framework, myBatis, nHibernate, etc.),  Visual Studio, SVN, TFS, Perforce, JIRA, Confluence, Version One, Asana, IIS, SDLC, SDLC, Refactoring, Unit Testing, TDD, Design Patterns, OOP/OOD. I have experience in commercial development of the large enterprise level software systems for many years in Telecom, HR Services, Collaboration Tools, e-Learning and other areas with Agile (Scrum) and Waterfall software development processes and methodologies.

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Core .NET 

C# 5.0, .NET Framework 4.5 Task Parallel Library & Asynchrony

Object Oriented Programming

SOLID principles, DRY, YAGNI, etc.

GoF Design Patterns

MSTest, NUnit

Ninject, FakeItEasy, Automapper, Log2Net, and other open source libraries

 Architecture and Design 



Delegates, Lambdas, Generics

 Agile Patterns Patterns & Practices Practices 

Client-Side Web Development

Layered n-tier architectural patterns

Cloud & SOA architectures

Test Driven Design (TDD)

Domain Driven Design (DDD)


ASP.NET Web Forms

Modernizr, Bootstrap, HTMLBoilerPlate

Entity Framework 6.1.3 (DbContext, Code-First, Model-First and DatabaseFirst styles) Azure Storage Client Library 2.0, Windows Azure Mobile Services LINQ to SQL, ADO.NET DataReader and DataSets

Desktop, Device & RIA Development 


jQuery, jQuery-UI & numerous third-party plug-ins

Data Access 

Server-Side Development

Tools 

Visual Studio 2012

Team Foundation Services


Windows Phone, Silverlight

Numerous third party tools (i.e., Telerik, RedGate)

Communication 

Windows 8 App Store Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

SQL Server, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Azure SQL

Windows Communication Foundation WCF Data Services & OData ASP.NET Web API

Windows Forms



Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) – (BSS) – Honors  Honors (2003) in Journalism, University of Rajshahi

C# Software Engineer (Diploma) – (Diploma) – Enterprise  Enterprise System Analysis (2008), Islamic Development Bank

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Microsoft Certification Professional 2.0 (2014)

Brainbench Certification .NET Framework 4.0 (2011)

Brainbench Certification Computer Literacy Windows 7 (2011)

Brainbench Certification ASP.NET 3.5 Fundamentals (2011)

Brainbench Certification ASP.NET 4.5 (2011)


BASIS Outsourcing Award – Award – Web  Web Application Development & Programming (2014)

TECHNICAL SKILLS SUMMARY  Development/Languages/Cloud 

 Visual Studio (2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013) (7 years+)

MVC 1-5 (5 years +)

MVVM (2 years+)

 AngularJS, Bootstrap, Toaster Libs (1 year+)

Entity Framework (5 years+)

UI Interface (WPF) (5 years+)

Framework .NET (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5) (7 years+)

C#/VB.NET, Visual C++/Visual C++/Visual Basic, ASP/ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX (7 years+)

SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS)/ SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) /

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) (2 years+)

BizTalk (1 year)

Java (5 years+)

JavaScript, VBScript, HTML/HTML5/DHTML/CSS/L HTML/HTML5/DHTML/CSS/LESS/JQuery ESS/JQuery (7 years+)

SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013) (3 years+)

XML(WCF) – XML(WCF) – Parsing, Messaging (5 years+)

Crystal Reports (8.5, 9, 10.0, 11.0) (5 years +)

IIS (5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0) (10 years +)

Win Forms, Web Forms (7 years+)

Python (1 years+)

Mono (2years+)

Windows Azure, AWS (2years +)


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Database/Architect 

Microsoft SQL Server: (6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008R2, 2012, 2014) (10 years +)

Oracle/PL/SQL (8.0i, 10G, 11G, 12C) (10 years +)

MongoDB (1 years +)

DB2 (1 years +)

Sybase (1 years years +)

PowerBuilder (1 years+)

Entity Framework (5 years +)

Data modeling, Views, Functions, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Packages, Table (10 years +)

DDL, DML, and Data Warehousing Warehousing (10 years years +)

ERP Solutions 

Microsoft Dynamics (2009, 2012) (5 years+)

Software Design/Miscellaneous Tools 

UML, Toad, Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Visio (5 years+)

Project Management Tools 

MS Project, Excel, MS Project Server (5 y ears +)

Protocols & Services 

TCP/IP, SSL, FTP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, H.323, TAPI 3, RTP (3 years +)

 Version Source Control Control 

 Visual Source Safe, Team Found Server, Team Foundation Version Control, WinCVS, Git, Tortoise (7 years+)

Methodologies 

 Agile/Scrum, Waterfall, Software Development Development Life Cycle (10 years+)

Design Patterns jQuery 

Design Patterns, Composite Pattern, Adapter Pattern, Facade Pattern, Observer Pattern, Iterator Pattern Lazy Initialization Pattern, Proxy Pattern, Builder Pattern (2 years+)

Design Patterns JavaScript 

MVC Pattern, MVP Pattern, MVVM Pattern (2 years+)

Design Patterns C# 

Singleton, Prototype, Factory Method, Builder, Abstract Factory (5 years+)

Social Media Integration 

Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn (3 years+)

Testing Tools 

Microsoft Test , Test Driven Development (TDD), XUnit, JUnit, NUnit (3 years +)


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Related Work Experience Satori Sato ri Tech Solutions Solut ions Inc. (Remotely USA)

Apr 2013 to Apr 2015

Position:  ASP.NET (C#) TEAM TEAM LEAD/SOFTWARE ENGINEER/SYSTEMS ENGINEER/SYSTEMS ARCHITECT ARCHITECT Duration: (2 (2 years) years) Environments: Environments: WINDOWS (7, 8.X, 10, 2008-2012 SERVER) , UNIX Languages: Languages: C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, T-SQL/PL-SQL, JQuery, Ajax, LINQ, HTML 5, CSS/LESS, Razor, Bootstrap,  AngularJS , WCF, WPF, XML, TFS, TORTIOSE SVN/GIT, Telerik (Site Infinity) Databases: SQL SERVER/ORACLE, SERVER/ORACLE, DB ACCESS, MICROSOFT EXCEL, EXCEL, SHAREPOINT Overview : Directed 12 +team members members in project planning, delivery, and transition using the SCRUM /AGILE Environment and programmed in ASP.NET C# with TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT. Responsible for the overall design and delivery of high quality Business Solutions. As Systems Architect provided Architectural Leadership to delivery teams working collaboratively with multiple Information Services and Business disciplines. Led team members in project planning, delivery, and transition using the Standard Project Lifecycle and ensured proficient risk management Providing leadership within the Information Services Division to advance the capabilities to deliver services and solutions Manage scope, schedule, financials, risks and quality of the project and helped ensure business value is achieved. Coordinated and facilitated project related meetings with team, client, and management. Communicated current project status information to management, sponsor, and other stakeholders. Influenced and impacted the architecture, standards, and design of key product initiatives for applications in C#/VB.NET/WPF  and Web Services (WCF). (WCF) . Work closely with product management team to effectively balance speed-to-market, product quality and scope, to create realistic yet aggressive development timelines. Led team to identify project risks, issues, and actions. Managed these to resolution, and escalated when appropriate. Utilized Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS (TFS)) to manage the team's software development lifecycle including deriving product backlog items, assigning sprint work i tems to developers and conducting sprint planning meetings. Providing Architectural Leadership in the areas of Application, Information and Technology for the definition and delivery of Information Services solutions to meet Business requirements Designing and Engineering quality systems to deliver Business solutions Developing solutions through the integration of Technologies, Applications and Shared-Services in a multicompany environment Coded in ASP.NET in ASP.NET MVC5 ( MVC5 ( Angular  Angular JS/Bootstrap/HTML5/ JS/Bootstrap/HTML5/ C#) C#) Web Application in payroll interacting with (Oracle (Oracle 11g/12c / SQL SERVER 2012/SHAREPOINT/EXCEL) 2012/SHAREPOINT/EXCEL) data  data utilizing Test Drive Development. Managing Technology issues throughout all phases of project delivery. Designed and implanted Web Services ( Services (REST, REST, SOAP and SOAP and others based on requirement) for Worked with the engineering managers to identify cross-team dependencies and manage inter-team tasks Developed Project management Tool using Visual using Visual Studio 2010, 2010, Win forms 2010, 2010 , WCF WCF,, C#, SQL Server 2008R2/ SQL 2012 . Involved in migration of Project Server 2003 to 2003  to Project Server 2010. 2010 . Facilitated Scrum of Scrum for offshore teams in India. Evangelized the benefits of Scrum to ensure its smooth adoption

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Wooskie Woos kie Inc. (Remotely USA)


Apr 2011 to Apr 2012

Position:  ASP.NET (C#) TEAM TEAM LEAD/SCRUM MASTER Duration: (1 (1 year) year) Environments: Environments: WINDOWS (7, 8.X, 10, 2008-2012 SERVER) , UNIX Languages: Languages: C#, ASP.NET MVC 3, T-SQL/PL-SQL, JQuery, Ajax, LINQ, HTML 5, CSS/LESS, Razor, Bootstrap,  AngularJS , WCF, WPF, XML, TFS, TORTIOSE SVN/GIT, Telerik (Site Infinity) Databases: SQL SERVER/ORACLE, SERVER/ORACLE, DB ACCESS, MICROSOFT EXCEL, SHAREPOINT, SHAREPOINT, CLOUD(AZURE) Overview : Managed the software software development process process of web systems, systems, including coding, unit testing, deploying and maintaining. Technologies in use are: ASP.NET, Web Services, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT, DHTML, JQuery, and XML T-SQL stored procedures running in Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server, and IIS. Ensured specification of requirements, development, testing and documentation were done according to change control management process. Lead Microsoft Infrastructure initiatives and teams, Monitored Azure functional improvements and recommended possible implementations improvements of infrastructure. Establishing 7/24 365 Cloud Environment to support customer base maintaining 99.9% uptime. Led a team of up to 6 developers in creating a line of business application using ASP.NET using ASP.NET MVC, MVC, nHibernate & SQL Server 2010. 2010 . Developed background process infrastructure on top of Windo ws Azure Queue. Implemented an Agile an Agile project  project methodology and a Domain Drive Design (DDD (DDD)) approach  Adapted web application application to run in Windows Azure  Windows Azure  against  against SQL Azure SQL Azure using  using Azure  Azure Queues  Queues for background processing. Participated in a Scrum team Scrum team and Agile and Agile Practices  Practices including Test-Driven Development (TDD (TDD), ), BehaviorDriven Development ((BDD BDD)) and pair programming  Assist customers with application application development using .NET .NET 4 including 4 including WPF, WPF, WCF, WCF, WF and WF and ASP.NET  ASP.NET MVC. MVC. Performed architectural analysis, design, development and implementation of .NET based NET based solutions using proven systems development life cycle best practices. Performed analysis, design, testing and implementation of a distributed integration solution using BizTalk  Server, Server, IIS, IIS, and SQL Server 2008R2. 2008R2 . Extensively involved in the design and coding of user-friendly TDD based TDD based Web Project using ASP.Net using  ASP.Net,, C#, Jscript, Jscript, Entity Framework , Ado.Net.  Ado.Net. Design and developed fully data driven website using ASP.Net using ASP.Net,, C# C#,, AngularJS  AngularJS,, Bootstrap Bootstrap,, AJAX , JQuery,, HTML JQuery HTML,, SQL Server, Server, different types of User Control and Control and AutoComplete  AutoComplete search  search using JSON and MVP Model Model.. Wrote different type of test Method for Unit Unit testing  testing using NUnit NUnit.. Responsible for the analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving technical issues Environment: .NET .NET Framework4.0/3.5, Framework4.0/3.5, PSI 2010, 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, 2010 , Project Server 2010, 2010 , WCF, WCF, Web Services, Services, AJAX , AngularJS,  AngularJS, Bootstrap, Bootstrap, Win Forms, Forms, TFS, TFS, ADO.NET,  ADO.NET, C#, XML, C#, XML, SQL Server 2008R2 2008R2,, IIS 7, 7, HTML, HTML , CSS, CSS, JavaScript. JavaScript.

Mobile app development: Developed highly configurable mobile field data capture app for the iPhone using Titanium ; Developed server side REST API and WCF SOA solution in C#.

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Community Health Centre of Burlington (Remotely USA)


Jan 2010 to Feb 2011

Position:  ASP.NET (MVC/MVVM/C#) (MVC/MVVM/C#) TEAM LEAD/ ETL Duration: (1 Duration: (1 year) Environments: Environments: WINDOWS (7, 8.X, 10, 2008-2012 SERVER), UNIX Languages: Languages: C#, ASP.NET MVC MVC 2, XAML, WPF, MVVM, T-SQL/PL-SQL, T-SQL/PL-SQL, JQuery, Ajax, LINQ, HTML 5, CSS/LESS, Razor, Bootstrap, TELERIK, AngularJS , WCF, WPF, XML, TFS, TORTIOSE SVN/GIT, Telerik (Site Infinity)/DevExpress Databases: SQL SERVER/ORACLE, SERVER/ORACLE, DB ACCESS, MICROSOFT EXCEL, SHAREPOINT, SHAREPOINT, CLOUD(AZURE) Overview : Managed the software software development process process of web systems, systems, databases, ERP, ERP, including coding, unit testing, deploying and maintaining. Technologies in use are: ASP.NET, Web Services in WCF, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT, DHTML, JQuery, and XML T-SQL stored procedures running in Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server (SSIS), and IIS. Worked with WPF WPF and  and MVVM MVVM Design  Design Pattern developing a rich UI based application providing extensive features. Worked with customizing the controls for more reusability. Used DTS DTS Services  Services and SSIS SSIS.. Created WPF WPF Windows  Windows tools which connects to different databases through the application, Loads Data, Cleanses and finally converts it to the Target Database. Extensively worked with ETL ETL and  and Data Transformation Operations and XML and XML Data.  Data. Extensively used the Telerik  and  and Avalon Dock WPF WPF Controls  Controls for rich User Interface. Worked with customizing the controls according to the requirements. Worked as Software Developer in .Net . Net Technologies  Technologies developing both Windows and Web Based Applications using Agile using  Agile and  and Scrum Scrum based  based methodologies. Developed database-driven web applications for clients of a major advertising/consulting agency using C#/.NET and C#/.NET  and SQL Server/Oracle . Communicated directly with clients as needed, including training. Managed small teams of developers for some projects. Implemented scalable systems that meet business requirements. Designed, coded and tested ETL processes ETL processes based on strict project deliverable timelines Worked on any or all iterations for one or more subject areas within the data warehouse, as determined by the priorities of project timeline Created technical specifications documents and design process diagrams Developed functional specifications for data acquisition, transformation and load processes Developed scripts for data file processing and process integration tasks Prepared unit test, integration test plan documents and perform unit test, system integration test; document test results Performed extensive analysis on the performance and design of the existing database and i mplemented many small, but very productive changes. Involved in the Database design, wrote stored procedures, database views for the underlying SQL Server Database. Responsible for creating SSIS packages SSIS packages and providing training and support. Coordinate design and implementation of applications, collaborating with project managers, development team and client representatives to ensure on time completion of project deliverables. Daily data update of Master data is taken from SAP systems SAP systems to the SQL Server database Server database using business objects and SQL Server DTS packages. DTS packages. Designing and developing client/server or web-based databases, enabling me to utilize my knowledge and skills as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and utilizing software applications such as C#, as C#, Visual Basic.NET, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, Crystal Report, Web Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, AJAX, JQUERY, LINQ, ORACLE, DevExpress. DevExpress.

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The Techno Philic Limited


Mar 2009 to Aug 2010

Position: SOFTWARE ENGINEER (Web Forms/Win forms Windows Services) Duration: (1 year, 5 months) Environments: Environments: WINDOWS (9.X, XP, 7.0, 2003-2008 SERVER) Languages: Languages: ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET/C++), (C#/VB.NET/C++), T-SQL/PL-SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, ADO.NET, JavaScript/VBScript, JavaScript/VBScript, JQuery, Telerik Rad Controls, Dev. Express Controls, TFS, Tortoise SVN Databases: ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MICROSOFT ACCESS, SYBASE Overview : Lead team of .Net developers in a reverse engineering project. Devised a plan of action that would turn a  Visual Basic legacy application into a modern and highly-secure ASP.Net website. Worked with project owner to translate user’s needs into technical specs. Wrote all project documentation including the website flowcharts and network diagrams. Increased page load times by 150% by migrating DevExpress controls DevExpress controls to standard .Net controls, .Net controls, removing superfluous user controls and implementing “best practice” refactoring t echniques. Developed forms authentication ASP.Net authentication ASP.Net single  single sign-on portal using web services to allow maximum portability. Conducted extensive Pay-Per-Click campaigns and other SEO efforts SEO efforts to bring participants into the various clinical trial websites. Involved in requirements gathering, conducted brain storm sessions with the client by the regular meetings and prepared a virtual concept about the working of the project Architecture project Architecture design,  design, preparing workflow, object modeling design, user interface definition. Create reports using DevExpress Xtra DevExpress Xtra Report. Developed desktop front-end app based on an ERP platform ERP platform produced by the company as a part of ERP solutions for multiple state organizations. (Win (Win Forms, Forms, DevExpress controls DevExpress controls toolkit) Used DevExpress express DevExpress express grid to give user more attractive interface and functionalities. Used DevExpress express DevExpress express edit text text box’s validation to validating data. Created Windows service service for  for regular and automatic synchronization between SQL Server 2005 /  /ORACLE ORACLE 8i databases. 8i databases. Created ActiveX  Created  ActiveX  component  component for managing digital signatures of different applications Developed, and set up scheduling procedures for an automatic download from marketing data from Sybase to Access to Access,, and generating all downstream reports, and monitor the buyback activities for the remarketing process, and generated batch transaction to update th e DB2 data DB2 data depository. Access depository. Access 2, Access 95, 95, VB5, Sybase 4.92 Worked with sales management users to develop a new Windows Application commission Application commission reporting. Designed and normalized several databases using ER-Studio. ER-Studio. Created numerous stored procedures to handle business rul e processing. Mentored development staff on T-SQL programming, query optimization, and database design. VB.Net design. VB.Net,, SQL server 2000, 2000 , Crystal Report.Net

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One World United (Remotely Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg)


Mar 2008 to Mar 2009

Position:  ASP/ASP.NET (Web Forms/C#) TEAM LEAD LEAD Duration: (1 year) Environments: Environments: WINDOWS (9.X, XP, 7.0, 2003-2008 SERVER) Languages: Languages: ASP/ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), (C#/VB.NET), T-SQL/PL-SQL,HTML, AXAPTA, X++, X++, AJAX, XML, CSS, ADO.NET, JavaScript/VBScript, JQuery, Telerik Rad Controls, BIZTALK, UML, TFS, Tortoise SVN, Crystal Reports Databases: ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MICROSOFT ACCESS, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics (AX, GP, NAV), SHAREPOINT Overview : Lead in charge of a team of 15+ team members to assist with improving the overall technical environment, financial environment, project management, and business-technical processes. Specifics as follows: Designed Database in (SQL (SQL Server 2008) 2008 ) and (Oracle (Oracle 8I, 10G) 10G) for Social Networking Software on Windows Platform. Responsible for the coaching and mentoring of developers within the development team. Programmed in ASP.NET in ASP.NET ADO.NET for ADO.NET for Social Networking application in C#. Work very closely with team m embers to solve customer problems. Provided needs to understand agent's problems and weaknesses and address these. Created customized routines in (Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics) Dynamics) with AXAPTA with AXAPTA 3.0 3.0  in X++  in X++.. Functional AX knowledge the following Finance (AR, AP, Bank, GL) and GL)  and Fixed Assets. Implemented service oriented component (SOA (SOA)) Layer using and  and WCF to WCF to decouple the UI with BL. Helped restore confidence of user-base in IT department as a whole and established reputation for fast, knowledgeable handling of user issues. Converted and migrated web applications from ( VB.NET)  VB.NET) to (C# (C# ASP.NET) ASP.NET). Created an Agile an Agile Environment Environment  to improve the quality of work amongst the programmers. Created applications using MSMQ (BizTalk ) and ( Visual C#) C#) to send to send and receive XML receive XML files.  files. Lead the architectural design, development, customization and integration efforts of enterprise solutions involving Collaboration, Portals, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process and Forms, and Business Intelligence (BI), using SharePoint 2008. Instructed the developers to using best practices in design, frameworks, and coding style. Developed applications in C# to C# to authenticate users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web CRM web services. Experienced with complex SSRS reports in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2010. 2010 . Worked in close collaboration with project team managers to contribute to continual project planning, scheduling, process development, decision making, resolution of issues, and the effective operation of governance mechanisms. Investigated, researched, and documented alternatives/options as well as provided recommendations for process re-engineering, policy or system changes. Customized and identified test procedures to meet the needs of the company’s web site, and devised a sensible time scale using (MS-Project ( MS-Project). ). Utilized (Team (Team Foundation Server, Tortoise SVN) SVN ) with Visual with Visual Studio Ultimate Edition for Edition for bug tracking, tracking developers work, scheduling builds, etc. Developed Budget System. Used to prepare and analyze expense and revenue budget data each year for the entire Company. Designed and developed Several Intranet applications to track, and update patient's records for Public Loyalty Programs. VB6,  VB6, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, MTS, COM, ADO, ADO, DTS, IIS, XML, XSLT, Three Tiers, SQL SERVER 7 - 2000, Crystal Report 7/8


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