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September 21, 2016 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Virtualization
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MDS-SERIES (CISCO) COMMANDS :: MDS-SERIES Switch Commands ip address 255.0 View = ~ show running...


:: MDS-SERIES (CISCO) COMMANDS :: MDS-SERIES Switch Commands ip address View =

~ show running-config

show environment ~shows status of all installed hardware components show flogi database ~shows database list of all FLOGI events show fcns database ~shows database list of all N-ports logged in show vsan membership ~shows list of VSAN members show interface brief ~lists the interfaces and status MDS-SERIES Zoning Commands config terminal ~Enters configuration terminal zone name TestZone1 vsan 4~creates a zone member pwwn 10:01:10:01:10:ab:cd:ef~ adds node to the zone above no member pwwn ~deletes member from zone zoneset name Zoneset1 vsan 4 ~creates a zoneset member ~adds zone to the ZoneSet above no zone name vsan ~ Deletes a zone zoneset activate name Zoneset1 vsan 4 zone copy active-zoneset full-Zoneset1 vsan 4 copy running-config start-up config ~ copy from source to startup configuration vsan database ~ go into vsan configuration mode vsan 4 interface fc3/21~move port 21 on module 3 to vsan 4 show zoneset ~ shows all zonesets that are active show zone vsan ~shows all zones active in vsan show zoneset active ~displays the active zoneset show vsan ~shows the vsans on the switch show zoneset active vsan ~ Shows active zoneset

:: B-SERIES (BROCADE) COMMANDS :: B-SERIES Switch Commands switchDisable ~ offline ipAddrSet ~set the IP address of a Brocade switch switchShow ~display switch info supportShow ~full detailed switch info

portShow # ~display port info nsShow ~Name server contents nsAllShow ~NS for full fabric fabricShow ~ fabric information ad –create ~create a new Admin Domain. ad –apply ~enforce the new Admin Domain configuration. B-SERIES Zoning Commands aliCreate “Alias”, “20:00:00:e0:69:40:07:08” zoneCreate “Zone1”, “20:00:00:e0:69:40:07:08; 50:06:04:82:b8:90:c1:8d” cfgCreate “Test_cfg”, “Zone1;Zone2” cfgSave ~saves zoning information across reboots cfgEnable “Test_cfg” zoneShow or cfgShow ~shows defined and effective zones and configurations zoneAdd ~adds a member to a zone zoneRemove ~removes a member from a zone zoneDelete ~deletes a zone cfgAdd ~adds a zone to a zone configuration cfgRemove ~removes a zone from a zone configuration cfgDelete ~deletes a zone from a zone configuration cfgClear ~clears all zoning information/ must disable the effective configuration :: M-SERIES (McDATA) COMMANDS :: M-SERIES Switch Commands View= ~config ip show Config> ip ~(new IP and Subnet mask) Show> switch Show> switch Show > system Show> nameserver Show> loginServer Show> nameServer Show.Fabric> nodes Maint > system > setOnlineState M-SERIES Zoning Commands Config.Zoning> addWwnMem: Config.Zoning> addZone ~add a new zone to the working area

Config.Zoning> activateZoneset ~activation of changes Config.Zoning> showactive ~shows actively connected running zoneset Config.Zoning> clearZone ~clear WWNs in a zone Config.Zoning> deletezone ~remove zone from the running config Config.Zoning> showPending ~show pending zones Config.Zoning> renameZone: Config.Zoning> deleteWwnMem ~ Config.Zoning> renameZoneSet ~
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