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Types of Catering Establishments PRINT - Download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File ... The food service industry (ca...


BHM-1st Semester- Paper – V F&B service – 1 (topic I c) UUC/BSHMT/21!-1"

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TYPES OF CATERING ESTABLISHMENTS Catering is defned as the business o providing ood and drink, typically at social events and in a proessional capacity either on-site or at a remote site.  The ood service industry (catering industry in British English encompasses encompasses those places, institutions institutions and companie companies s that provid provide e meals meals eaten a!ay rom rom home. home. This industry industry includes includes hotels, restaur restaurants ants,, schools schools and hospital hospital caeteri caeterias, as, catering catering operation operations, s, and many other other ormats, ormats, includi including ng "on-prem "on-premises ises## and "o$-prem "o$-premises ises## caterings.

Types of Catering Estabis!"ents Pri"ary %otels epartmental )tore Catering


'utdoor Catering

Club Catering

Transport Catering

*elar lare e Cate Caterring

+nd +ndustria triall Cate Caterring ing

irline Catering

&ail!ay Catering

)hip Catering

)urace Catering

In$&stria%Corporate Catering

Hotes' Resta&rants' P&bs' (ios)' *ri+e,In % Ta)ea-ays' E+ent Manage"ent' Fast Foo$' A&to"ati# .en$ing Ma#!ines' Cyber#af/ Canteen' E"poyee Caf/t/ria' Pa#)e$ Foo$ O&tets' Ti1n2s' Transport' Hospitas' Instit&tiona' Ar"e$ For#es

3efare%S&bsi$i4e$ Catering

O$ age !o"es' Prison' Orp!anage' *estit&te !o"es' As!ra"s' *isaster Catering

Co""er#ia%B&siness Catering Cassi0#ati on


PRIMARY OR COMMERCIAL CATERING Commercial Catering means prepared cooking dishes easily provided by any proessional service, to make easy arrangement or consumer. These are the establishments !hose main aim is to earn proft by providing ood and beverage to the guests as per their demand. %ence, they are also reerred reerred as commercial catering, establishments. establishments. )uch as hotels, restaurants, ast ood outlets, bars, pubs, etc.  Resi$entia,  this type o establishment provides ood n beverage along !ith accommodation. )uch as hotels, motels, resorts, ship or cruise lines, etc.  Non,Resi$entia, These types o establishment provides only ood / beverage. )uch as restaurants, pubs, night clubs etc. SECON*ARY OR NON COMMERCIAL CATERING  These are the the establishments establishments that provide provide ood and beverage beverage as a part o another another business. business. Their aim aim is not to earn earn money. money. +nstead, the establishments are there to provide !elare !elare services at a$ordable a$ordable prices. )ince the operations are completely or partially subsidi0ed by a parent body, such establishments# primary obligation obligation is in the !ellbeing or care o their guests1 customers1 patients. The 2uality and the 2uantity o the ood should be e2ually good, through this type o menu o$ered in this type o catering might be di$erent rom another. 3on-comm 3on-commerc ercial ial oodserv oodservice ice operator operators s supply supply ood to busines businesses, ses, educatio educational, nal, institut institutiona ionall or governm government ent organi organi0atio 0ations. ns. 3on-comme 3on-commerci rcial al oodserv oodservice ice is also called called contract contract oodserv oodservice. ice. E4amples E4amples !ould !ould be employee employee eeding at business o5ces6 student dining at universities, colleges and schools6 healthcare oodservice6 military oodservice6 and a host o di$erent situations. ramark, Compass and )ode4o (7) are e4amples o non-commercial or contract oodservice operators. 3on-commercial catering is sub8ect to the same 8oys and bumps as commercial catering and may be either on or o$-premise. 9arious catering establishments are categori0ed by the nature o the demands they meet. The ollo!ing are some o the catering establishments. establishment that provides provides lodging paid on a short-term short-term basis. The acilities provided depend depend Hote5  hotel is an establishment on the 2uality o the hotel. %otel rooms are usually numbered to allo! guests to identiy their room. :arger hotels may provide provide additional additional guest guest acilitie acilities s such as a s!immin s!imming g pool, pool, ftness ftness center, center, busines business s center, center, childca childcare, re, conerence acilities and social unction services. Common things ound in a hotel bedroom could include en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning, a telephone, an alarm clock, a television, a sae, a mini-bar !ith snack oods and drinks, and acilities or making tea and co$ee, bathrobes and slippers. Resta&rant5   restaurant is an establishment that serves the customers !ith prepared ood and beverages to order, to be consumed on the premises. The term covers a multiplicity o venues and a diversity o styles o cuisine. &estaurants are sometimes also a eature o a larger comple4, typically a hotel, !here the dining amenities are provid provided ed or the convenie convenience nce o the residents residents and or the hotel to ma4imi0e ma4imi0e their potential potential revenue. revenue. )uch restaurants are oten open to 3on-residents also. provision o ood and drink a!ay rom home base and suppliers. O&t$oor Catering5  This catering includes the provision  The venue is let to the peoples# choice. %otels, restaurants and catering contractors meet this gro!ing demand.  The type o ood and set up depends entirely on the price agreed upon. 'utdoor catering includes catering or unctions such as marriages, parties and conventions. *epart"enta Store Catering% Retai Store Catering5 )ome retail stores, apart rom carrying on their primary activity o retailing their o!n !ares, provide catering as an additional acility. This type o catering evolved !hen large departmental stores !ished to provide ood and beverages to their customers as a part o their retailing

BHM-1st Semester- Paper – V F&B service – 1 (topic I c) UUC/BSHMT/21!-1"

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concept. +t is inconvenient and time consuming or customers to take a break rom shopping, to have some rereshments at a di$erent location. Thus arouse the need or some sort o a dining acility in the retail store itsel.  This style o catering is becoming more popular and varied no!adays. C&b Catering reers to the provision o ood and beverages to a restricted member clientele. )ome e4amples o  clubs or people !ith similar interests are tur clubs, gol clubs, cricket clubs etc. The service and ood in these clubs tend to be o a airly good standard and are economically priced. 3ight clubs are usually situated in large cities that have an a;uent urban population. They o$er entertainment !ith good ood and e4pensive drinks. 3efare Catering5  The provision o ood and beverages to people to ulfl a social obligation, determined by a recognised authority, is kno!n as !elare catering. This gre! out o the !elare state concept, prevalent in !estern countries. +t includes catering in hospitals, schools, colleges, the armed orces and prisons. In$&stria Catering5  The provision o ood and beverages to "people at !ork,# in industries and actories at highly subsidised rates is called industrial catering. +t is based on the assumption that better ed employees at concessional rates are happy and more productive. Catering or a large !orkorce may be undertaken by the management itsel, or may be contracted out to proessional caterers. epending on the choice o the menu suggested by the management, catering contractors undertake to eed the !orkorce or a f4ed period o time at a predetermined price. Leis&re,Lin)e$ Catering5  This type o catering reers to the provision o ood and beverages to people engaged in "rest and recreation# activities. This includes sale o ood and beverages through di$erent stalls and kiosks at e4hibitions, theme parks, galleries and theatres. The increase in the availability o leisure time and a large disposable income or leisure activities has made it a very proftable orm o  catering. TRANSPORT CATERING < The provision o ood and beverages to passengers, beore, during and ater a 8ourney on trains, aircrat and ships and in buses or private vehicles is termed as transport catering. These services may also be utilised by the general public, !ho are in the vicinity o a transport catering unit. The ma8or orms o modern day transport catering are airline-catering, rail!ays catering, ship catering and surace catering in coaches or buses !hich operate on long distance routes. 67 Airine Catering5 Catering to airline passengers on board the air crat, as !ell as at restaurants situated at airport terminals is termed as airline catering. =odern airports have a variety o  ood and beverage outlets to cater to the increasing number o air passengers. Catering to passengers en route i s normally contracted out to a >ight catering unit o a reputed hotel or to a catering contractor or to the catering unit operated by the airline itsel as an independent entity. 87 Rai-ay Catering5 Catering to rail!ay passengers both during the  8ourney as !ell as during halts at di$erent rail!ay stations is called rail!ay catering. Travelling by train or long distances can be very tiring6 hence a constant supply o a variety o  rereshment choices helps to make the 8ourney less tedious. 'nboard meal services are also provided on long distance trains. 97 S!ip Catering is catering to cargo cre! and passenger ship passengers. )hips have kitchens and restaurants on board. The 2uality o service and acilities o$ered depends on the class o the ship and the price the passengers are !illing to pay. There are cruises to suit every pocket. They range rom room service and cocktail bars to speciality dining restaurants. :7 S&rfa#e Catering5 Catering to passengers traveling by surace transport such as buses and private vehicles is called surace catering.  These eating establishments are normally located around a bus terminus or on high!ays. They may be either government run restaurants, or privately o!ned establishments. '  late there has been a gro!ing popularity o ?un8abi style eateries called dhabas on the high!ays.

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