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Warhammer 40K (3rd edition) Genestealer Cult Codex - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt)...


A Note from Coyote: This codex is a semi-official play test work written by Tim Huckelbery, an employee of Games Workshop. The Tyranid Swarm and Genestealer Cult are two completely separate armies, but remember if you are fielding two detachments and have at least 1 HQ and Two Troop choices from each side you can have both in the same force.

Codex: Genestealer Cults

V. 02-27-00

 You Say You Want a Revolution? Some quick notes for all you Cult leaders out there: This is a codex in work still, though it’s pretty much final now. Several short stories are still to be finished & added, plus I’d like to add a sample army list and possibly possibly a tactics article too. Once its finished, hopefully we’ll we’ll see it in Citadel Journal (the more people writing in to the Journal staff urging urging them to print it the better too! They are at [email protected] [email protected])). Alas, no plans for for this to appear  in White Dwarf though. Permission is given for people to post post this up on websites, or email it around, around, or make copies for others. Spread it around! Only restrictions are please don’t change anything, keep the email address below correct, and keep my name on it. The goal is for others to try out the list & comment comment back, especially on the new missions missions added at the end. Please email me back if you post it up on your  website too – I’d love to check out how it looks! When emailing back with playtest results, please list out: Points used Mission played, and who was attacker/defender  attacker/defender  Rough army lists for each army Who won, and details if possible as to why What worked, what didn’t rules-wise. rules-wise. Which rules were forgotten, or or got in the way of the fun. Etc. Anything else you can think of. The more comments the the better! Suggestions are fine too, but I think think this is pretty firm as is – I’d like to limit any other changes to fine tuning only. Thanks in advance to everyone in advance. advance. And may the Hive Mind guide you all to victory! victory! Tim Huckelbery Grand Magus [email protected]

Introduction Codex: Genestealer Cults  You Say You Want a Revolution? Well, You Know…. Know…. Throughout the Imperium, an insidious threat has been spreading for many years. From planet to planet, system to system, worlds are falling to a subversive force guided not by material conquest or love of battle, but by inbred genetic drives unfathomable to mankind. Spread by seemingly random chance throughout the galaxy like seeds in the wind, the alien Genestealers arrive quietly on unsuspecting and unprepared worlds. Once they set a foothold in the unsuspecting populace their drive to conquer asserts itself, and far too many times the planet is thus doomed. Their true alien masters arrive from the void between stars to consume the living biosphere of the planet: the way of the intergalactic Tyranids, who must devour fresh life for new genetic materials. Codex: Genestealer Cults represents the forces forces commonly developed by the Genestealers and their offspring. The Cult will slowly grow on a planet as more and more natives are infected with the Genestealer implants, binding them to the Cult and insuring their future children are also bound genetically to the Cult. Each Genestealer can infect scores of natives via small ovipositors in their long whip-like tongues, corrupting their genetic makeup forever. Parents are hypnotically conditioned to cherish and care for their inhuman children by the strong Brood Telepathy of the Hive Mind, linking all those who carry the Genestealer mark together. These resulting Genestealer  Hybrid offspring can also infect others, and thus the Cult grows larger and larger. Leading the Cult is small inner circle cynically using the bulk of the membership to take over either a local area, or the entire planet eventually. Under the common guise of a religious cult, the leaders know only that they must remain free of outside interference and must grow constantly, driven by unwavering instinct. instinct. The leaders have no hesitancy in having their followers die and die often, to preserve the Brood. They will send them off to battle, and sometimes maybe join them, but the overriding goal is preservation of the Cult hierarchy. This especially holds true for the Magus, Magus, the most human and most most powerful leader of the Cult. As long as one Genestealer, or the Magus (especially him, as he can more easily hide in normal society) can escape, then the Cult will live on again. This is the di fficulty the Imperium faces in dealing with these infestations – if only one member escapes, the entire Cult can reemerge generations later, more powerful than before. Hypnotically the Magus leads his followers; they will follow him anywhere, often to a painful death in his protection. His psychic powers are a part of his alien heritage, part of the Hive Mind mentality that flows through all those in the Cult. The more pure their Genestealer  makeup, the stronger the the mental link, such that Cult forces forces can communicate at vast vast distances via the Brood Brood telepathy. The Cult forms a Rabble in Arms, but a fanatical fanatical rabble. All are ready to die for the cause, not knowing knowing that the cause is a fraud. Even the Cult leaders are unaware of their true nature. Genestealers are merely following the genetic instructions from their their Tyranid creators. Infect Others. Sow Confusion. Confusion. Preserve the the Seed. Make all ready ready for the the Arrival. Cult weapons and equipment are for the most part stolen, bought via illegal means, or home-made – resulting in quite a range of  armaments. They usually have access to a very wide variety of weapons & vehicles (via converted military or government authorities), but this comes at a cost as they often cannot keep them adequately maintained. Vehicles are limited to those which are easy to steal or  build, thus the Cult lacks specialized specialized vehicles and must rely on the more more common varieties. Attempts to gain more more esoteric and powerful weapons sometimes happens via raids on weapons depots or by converting higher ranking authorities to the Cult, but time spent in such efforts is at the expense of gaining more commonly available items. Cults also must rely on home-made war machines, converting many civilian vehicles into military use. The Cult limousines that are used to transport members around without revealing their true natures are adapted for use in battle by adding extra armor – turning a city vehicle into a lightly armored combat transport. Lacking any real military doctrine or training, the Cult prepares for battle as a hodgepodge sputtering vehicles, members mounted on horseback or bike or whatever they can find, and masses of ground troops armed with whatever weapons they can find. Once the Cult has grown to a large enough strength (and at this point is usually involved in armed combat), their Hive Mind signal becomes strong enough to to attract the Tyranid Hive Fleets slowly slowly roaming between the stars. Like their hidden puppet-masters, puppet-masters, the Cult is also driven to consume. It will always be impelled to overthrow any local or planetary forces, to ensure its safety and continued growth. Actual combats between between the Cult and other forces increases increases the signal, creating a beacon indicating indicating that food is plentiful. Once the Tyranids arrive, all is lost – any surviving Cult forces are absorbed into the Hive Ships, and the planet is rendered down for bio-mass and new genetic materials. Even if the Tyranids are fought off, the planet usually lays in ruins or must be Virus Bombed to ensure no Genestealer presence remains. One by one, worlds are being lost to the Imperium as the seemingly unstoppable disease spreads across the galaxy.

Why play a Genestealer Cult Army?  Hmmm, good question question actually. You certainly won’t have the the best troops in the game, or the best weapons. weapons. You’ll also need to make most of the figures up yourself. yourself. So what do you get? For many Tyranid players, you get a chance to expand your brood with some actual tech weapons and vehicles while still staying “loyal” to the cause. If you’re a fellow bug player, you’ve probably always been envious of all those tanks and guns the other side have, and this is your chance to get them in a greater spread than most other Imperial armies. You can essentially create an Imperial Guard army in the guise of your Cult. For other players, it’s a chance to finally play those nasty ‘stealers that always make mincemeat of your finest warriors, without having to go whole hog with a Tyranid army. Cults are a nice blend of Imperial and alien forces, with a little Orky randomness mixed in. You also get the fun of almost literally custom making your army. No two Cults have looked the same in my experience, while it’s pretty darn hard to tell say one Blood Angel army from from another. Your Cult forces are strongly strongly imprinted with your hobby skills, skills, as it takes a lot of effort to make up a Cult force. You’ll be painting a large large number of figures, figures, plus converting converting up quite a few as as well. Make no mistake mistake

 – a Cult is a lot of work! But you’ll wind up with a staggering mix of figures from several different different model ranges. It’s a strong visually appealing force on the tabletop. They are also fun to play, period. In battle, you’ll be constantly frustrated by the poor shooting and fighting of your often bumbling Brood Brothers, as well as how quickly they can drop like flies at the merest hint of weapons fire. But you’ll also be rewarded as they stay stuck in the fight when lesser armies armies would have the sense to get out! out! Your masses of vehicles will will always pick the worst times to to fall apart too, of course, but hopefully not before they’ve ripped up the enemy nicely. You’ll be fielding some of the worst troops in the game, but also some of the most steadfast steadfast as well. But in huge numbers, backed up with with the finest assault forces around, around, they form an overall effective fighting force. Lastly, you get the chance to play a force unlike all the others in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. Genestealer Cults aren’t defending the Imperium, or struggling for the survival of their Craftworld, or fighting for the sheer love of it or to right ancient wrongs. They are attempting to overthrow overthrow the local governmental authorities authorities (and anyone else in the way as well!). There is a subversive delight in plotting the revolution, as the the Cult rises from its hidden power base base in its bid for conquest. Not an actual military force, force, the Cult represents more closely a common uprising, making do with whatever weapons it can steal, make, or improvise. improvise. Undaunted, they fight onwards under the gaze of the all-seeing all-seeing hypnotic gaze of their inhuman leaders. leaders. Let them sweep the unbelievers unbelievers from the land. Any not part of the Cult are against it, and must die! Now the battle cries ring out as the Cult marches forth to overthrow the false rulers of the land! Down with the Imperium and all who serve it! Forward the Father! Long live the Brood! And of course, Viva la Revolution! Tim Huckelbery [email protected] Special Note: As of this writing, the actual actual Codex: Tyranids is still under development. development. So it’s very possible that some some of the rules here might be changed changed when it does appear. So be prepared for some updating and alterations later on, on, OK?

Codex: Genestealer Cults

V. 01-01-00

 You Say You Want a Revolution? Genestealer Cults Summary Cult Forces: Profile Magus Patriarch Hybrid Hierarch Genestealer Hybrid Neophyte Hybrid Acolyte Brood Brother Comrade Brood Brother Initiate Initiate Bodyguard

WS 3 6 4 6 4 3 3 2 2

BS 3 0 3 0 2 3 3 2 2

S 3 5 3 4 3 3 3 3 3

T 3 5 3 4 3 3 3 3 3

W 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

I 4 5 4 6 5 4 3 3 3

A 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1

Ld 9 10 8 10 8 8 7 6 6

Sv 5+ 5+ 5+ 6+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 6+

Cult Weapons:

Weapon Autocannon Autogun Autopistol Battle Cannon Bolt Pistol Boltgun Bow Crossbow Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon

Range 48” 24” 12” 72” 12” 24” 24” 24”

Flamer Genestealer Claw Totem Grenade Launcher (Frag) Grenade Launcher (Krak) Heavy Bolter Heavy Flamer Heavy Stubber Lascannon Lasgun Laspistol Meltagun Missile Launcher (Frag) Missile Launcher (Krak) Mortar Multilaser Multi-Melta Plasma Cannon Plasma Gun Plasma Pistol Riding Lance Shotgun Storm Bolter Stubb Gun

Template 24” 24” 36” Template 36” 48” 24” 12” 12” 48” 48” G48” 36” 24” 36” 24” 12” 12” 24” 12”

Str 7 3 3 8 4 4 3 4 User+ 2 4 User 3 6 5 5 4 9 3 3 8 4 8 4 6 8 7 7 7 User 3 4 3

AP 4 3 5 5 6 -

Type Heavy 2 Rapid Fire Pistol Ordnance 1/Blast Pistol Rapid Fire Rapid Fire # Heavy 1 # Close Combat ##

5 4 6 4 4 4 5 2 1 6 3 6 6 1 2 2 2 5 -

Assault 1 Close Combat ### Assault 1 Blast * Assault 1 * Heavy 3 Assault 1 Heavy 3 Heavy 1 Rapid Fire Pistol Assault 1* Heavy 1 Blast * Heavy 1 * Heavy 1 Blast Heavy 3 Heavy 1* Heavy 1 Blast * Rapid Fire * Pistol * Close Combat #### Assault 2 Assault 2 Pistol

* = see main rules for additional details # Primitive Weapon – enemy can re-roll any failed saving throws ## Models armed with a Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon add +2 Strength but attack with -1 Initiative. ### See Cult Wargear entry #### Riding Lances double Initiative in the first combat round but user can only make a single attack

Armory (this is an American army list, so we’re gonna spell it correctly here! )  A character may carry up to two weapons, but only one of these may be a Two-Handed Weapon. Within these limits, a character may  add to or replace any weapons he already has with weapons from the Armory. In addition, each character may select up to a total of 50   points of combined Wargear, except for the Magus who may have up to 100 points combined. You may not take duplicate items for the same model or vehicle, and all Wargear and Weapons should be represented on the model. Single Handed Weapons Bolt Pistol Close Combat Weapon Laspistol Plasma Pistol * Power Fist/Claw Power Weapon

2 pts 1 pt 1 pt 15 pts 25 pts 15 pts

Two-Handed Weapons Autogun Boltgun Combi-Weapon * Bolter-Flamer Bolt olter-Gr r-Gren enad ade e Lau Launc nche herr Bolter-Plasma Gun Bolter-Meltagun Genestealer Claw Totem Lasgun Shotgun Storm Bolter  *

12 pts 12 pts 17 pts 17 pts 5 pts 2 pts 2 pts 10 pt

Wargear  Book of The Faith * Carapace Armor Chitin Armor Covering * Frag Grenades Krak Grenades Master Master Craft Crafted ed Weap Weapon on (Ma (Magus gus only) only) Melta Bombs Patri atriar arc ch Ic Ichor hor Vial ial (o (one per Cult ult) Scanner * Targeter *

8 pts 12 pts 5 pts 2 pts 3 pts 20 pts pts 7 pts 40 pts 5 pts 7 pts


2 pts 3 pts

Magus and Hierarchs only

Vehicle Upgrades: Many Cult vehicles may be fitted with the following additional equipment. Any upgrades must be shown on the vehicle model. No duplicates may be taken for the same vehicle. See individual vehicle entry for restrictions as to which upgrades can be taken for that  vehicle. Bell of Righteousness 15 pts Extra Armor 5 pts Hunter-Killer Missile 20 pts Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter 15 pts Rough Terrain Modifications 5 pts Searchlight 1 pt Smoke Launchers 3 pts

Special Rules Genestealer Cults forces do not operate like normal armies, as they represent the fanatical members of the underground revolution masking itself as a religion. They combine strong hypnotic hypnotic and genetic ties between the troops troops and their leaders with a near total lack of military training or properly maintained weaponry. This results in several special rules for Cults in battle. They killed the Father!  Genestealer Cults are very much driven by the strong (if not hypnotic) leadership of its elders, especially the Magus and Patriarch. Cult members are instilled with a religious belief in the divinity of these creatures from the start. Obviously seeing them die in battle is unsettling at the least, but it can also lead the Cult to insane acts of bravery in the name of vengeance. If the Magus and Patriarch are both killed, at the moment the last has died all Brood Brother units and Hybrid Broods (but not Genestealer Broods) must take a Morale test with the following (possibly cumulative) modifiers: -1 if the unit is below 50% of starting strength -1 if the unit is Pinned at the time of the test -1 if the unit is not currently being lead by a Hybrid Leader or Hierarch (Brood Brother units only) If this special test is passed, the squad will automatically pass any and all further Morale tests required for the rest of the game. If failed, the squad will Fall Back immediately, immediately, though they can Regroup in later turns turns as normal using their own normal Leadership. Leadership. If the squad was engaged in an Assault at the time, enemy units in the Assault may not Advance (as the unexpected retreat takes them by surprise), but may Consolidate. Our Father Watches Us, Let None Fail Him!  As long as any member of a Brood Brother unit can trace Line of Sight to either the Magus or the Patriarch, they count as having Leadership 10 for all Morale checks and tests to Regroup after Falling Back. This counts for Heavy Weapon teams as well as regular  units, but can be modified as normal (outnumbered, below 50%, etc). These units can also test to Regroup even if they are below 50% of starting strength or within 6” of an enemy unit, but again only if they have the required Line of Sight. Note this does not effect any other Leadership-based tests such as Pinning checks. Important Note: Note: Genestealer Cults need not be lead into battle by the Magus or Patriarch. In the case of neither of them in play, all of  the above rules would be ignored. Hierarchs will not give any of the above above special benefits, nor will their deaths require require any special tests to be made. Poor Maintenance (or, “Vrooooommmm …. putter, putter, stall…..”) Cults usually have little time or expertise to maintain any vehicles they may steal or capture. This generally results in erratic performance in the battlefield. battlefield. To represent this, after moving moving a Cult vehicle in the Movement Phase, Phase, roll a D6. On a roll of a “1”, the vehicle has breathed its last, last, and is Immobilized for the rest of the the game. Otherwise, it can continue continue to operate as normal. This rules does not apply to the Cult Limousines – as you can imagine, the Cult Leaders make sure these vehicles are very well maintained! Psychic Power: Hypnotic Gaze Both the Magus and Patriarch are psykers, and have the special power  Hypnotic Gaze. Gaze. This can be used in any Assault Phase Phase after all models have moved but before any combat takes place. The Magus or Patriarch locks eyes with one enemy model in base contact with him, attempting to take take over his mind! If Cult leader passes a Psychic Psychic Test, that enemy will need to roll 6’s to strike hits in that Assault Assault round. If the test was successful, and the roll is also higher than the enemy’s Leadership, then the enemy cannot strike any blows at all  – his mind has been completely dominated by the Hive Mind! The Cult psyker can still attack as normal, even if the test is failed. The power will only work on living creatures – so Vehicles, Demons, Necrons, Thousand Sons, Avatars, Wraithguard, etc. are not effected. Tyranids of any type are not effected effected by the power either. Note that it only lasts one round – the user user will have to test again each new round, but he can test in the enemy’s Assault phase as well as his own.

Scenario/Mission Special Rules: While Genestealer Cults are unlikely to ever gain access to Planetary or Strategic scale weapons, they often engage in numerous acts of sabotage which can create the same types of effects before a battle. Thus they can still use the Preliminary Bombardment rules if the scenario calls for them. If Detachment rules are in use, the Cult force can still only have a single Magus and a single Patriarch. You can never have more than one of each of these in the entire army, no matter how large. Genestealer Cults have a Strategy Strategy Rating of 1D6, and a Vehicle Leadership Leadership Value of 7 for campaign use. For Missions involving Sentries, Cults use 10 Brood Brother Initiates (Initiative 3). Fighting against Tyranid Forces – though not common, it is possible for the natural chemical or e lectromagnetic peculiarities of a planet to produce a mutated Cult that is resistant or not-effected by the Tyranid Hive Mind. Thus it is possible to have Cults fighting against their newly arriving Tyranid masters! All normal rules apply for these combats (though the Hive Mind is probably very puzzled by what is happening!). By the same token, Genestealer Cults can fight against each other (each being sure it is the true Cult, and the other a fraud).

Appendix Items - New Weapons, Wargear, Holy Relics, and Vehicle Upgrades Book of The Faith Cult Leaders often carry massive tomes with them, enormous enormous volumes detailing the Cult beliefs and prophecies. Between battles they read to their enthralled followers, both to inspire them for the coming conflict and remove any doubts they might have in their actions. In actual combat there is little time for reading, but the thick velum (or sometimes less savory materials used in covers and pages) does often provide a modicum of protection by absorbing what might have been a lethal blow. Unless killed outright by an Instant Death effect, when the model suffers its last wound do not remove it as a casualty. Instead, place it on its side, and at the end of the current phase roll a D6. On a roll of 6, the Book has preserved its its owner; stand the model back up and it is restored restored to 1 wound. Note this is done before determining Assault Results, but still count any wounds the owner originally took towards determining who won the assault. Chitin Armor Coating  A special protective aid made from specially treated layers of Genestealer Chitin skin fashioned over regular armor. Though difficult and time-consuming to make, its unique properties are sought by most Cult leaders. A model with Chitin armor has the same saving throw as normal, but in order for a weapon to negate the model’s save it must have an AP value that is better than the saving throw, not just equal to it. For example, for a model wearing Flak Armor with an armor save of 5+, this means that only weapons with an AP of 4 or  better will negate their saving throw, while weapons with an AP value of 5 or better can be saved against as normal. This must be combined with actual Armor to be effective though; it does nothing without Carapace Armor or Flak Armor. Genestealer Claw Totem Cults often fashion weapons from the razor sharp claws of their departed kinsmen, both to remember them in battle and to slay more of  the enemy! Usually these take the form form of a long staff or club, with several several claws (or an entire Genestealer arm) arm) attached at the end. A Totem takes both hands to wield, so the user will not gain an extra Attack by using it, but the extra sharp claws slice through most enemy armor. Any attacks from a Totem-wielding cultist which roll a 6 to hit will wound automatically and ignore armor saving throws, exactly in the same manner as regular Genestealer Claws. Other attacks which hit on a roll other than 6 must roll to wound as normal and the victim receives their normal armor saving throw. Patriarch Patriarch Ichor Ichor Vial Vial (one per Cult) Cult) A small amount of ichor from the Patriarch is mixed with rare unholy herbs and forbidden chemicals to form a potent brew! Once per  battle at any time in any Assault Phase the bearer may shatter the vial, releasing the fumes into the air. All Cult members (including Genestealers & Hybrids) belonging to any units or open-topped vehicles within 2D6” of the Cultist who shattered the vial are filled with fanatical zeal from from the vapors. Roll once on the table below to see see what effects occur. occur. After the turn turn ends, the vapors vapors disperse and the the effects are lost. Note that the Vial can be used in the opponent’s opponent’s Assault Phase if desired. D6 Effects 1 +1 Initiative 2 +1 Attack 3 +1 Strength 4 +1 Weapon Skill 5 May re-roll any misses in the Assault 6 May May rere-ro roll ll any any fai faile led d rol rolls ls to woun wound d or or to to pen penet etra rate te vehi vehicl cle e arm armor  or 

Cult Relics: Most Cults have special icons or relics that serve to inspire the faithful. Before battle, special Brood Brothers are chosen to carry them as they launch their holy crusades against their oppressors. These chosen are called Relic Bearers, and only the most devoted are allowed this honor and duty. Relics are usually affixed to long poles for all too see, and can e ither be carried in one hand or strapped to the back of the Bearer, or his mount mount or bike. There can only be one Relic Bearer per unit, and and thus only one Relic per unit. The two most common types of Relics are described below: Cult Censer  During Cult services, special braziers are lit to fill the halls with scented smoke. Unknown to all but the Cult leaders, these fumes are laced with special chemicals and Genestealer Genestealer pheromones. Designed to interact with the altered altered DNA of the membership, membership, they work to deaden independent thinking and reinforce faith in the Cult. In battle they serve to repress any thought of slowing the fanatical advance and ensure Cult forces continue towards the enemy. Any unit which has a Censer may roll 3 dice for any Pinning Tests, and use the lowest two for the result. However, if the test is still still failed the fumes have wrecked havoc havoc with the drugged minds of the faithful, faithful, and they immediately Fall Back as if they had failed a Morale Test! This will even effect Bodyguard Initiates for the Magus (who will never  normally Fall Back). Remains of the Unbeliever  Often the Cult will carry into battle the remains of a slain enemy, usually the reminder of a previous glorious victory or assassination, mounted high on a pole for all to see. This could be the head of a high ranking planetary official, the crested helm of the local Adeptus Arbites Chief, or possibly even a mighty Space Marine’s helmet! No matter what form the Remains take they serve to strengthen the resolve of the Cult members by reminding them of their past successes. If the unit carrying this Relic has just failed a Morale test and is Falling Back, after it has completed the Fall Back movement (but before the enemy decides to Consolidate or Pursue) it can take another Morale test test to Regroup. They must take take the test using their own Leadership – the Our Father Watches Us rules cannot be used, and normal restrictions for Regrouping apply. Note this does not apply to beginning of the turn Regrouping attempts, but to Falling Back from an Assault, as a result of casualties from enemy fire, e tc. Special Optional Rule (both players must agree to it before the game!): game!): If the Remains are from the same army as the current enemy (i.e., a Commissar’s head when fighting Imperial Guard), then the Cult may take them at half price. However, the enemy will be filled with righteous zeal to recover them, and gains +1 Attack when fighting against any units carrying those Remains!

New Weapons: Unlike “proper” armies, Genestealer Cults often find themselves themselves utilizing anything that can be found or stolen as weapons. This almost always includes large numbers of civilian weapons drafted into combat roles. All of the following weapons are very common throughout Imperial planets, but are almost never used by actual military forces. Cults cannot be so choosy though, and to their best to make good use of them in their bids for revolution. PRIMITIVE WEAPONS This is a new weapon class, used for those weapons which are simply not up to the normal standards for warfare in the 41 st Millennium (or even the 21 st). Though widely used in Cult forces they are all very much inferior to normal military weaponry, and even the poorest armor is usually sufficient to protect the wearer against such weapons. As such, enemy models which fail a saving throw after being wounded by a Primitive Weapon are allowed to re-roll the saving throw (once!). Note this includes all types of saving throws (armor, cover, invulnerable, or any others that might come up), but if the enemy model doesn’t have any sort of saving throw they still don’t get one! Bow : Primitive weapon used on almost all planets, heavily so on Feudal Worlds. Skilled users can fire off arrows at a fast rate at short distances, or draw back fully for extra range. Range Str AP Type 24” 3 Rapid Fire, Primitive Weapon Crossbow: Slightly more high-tech than a Bow, it hits slightly harder but is slower to use. Range Str AP Type 24” 4 Heavy 1, Primitive Weapon Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon: A common weapon in Cults (even the poorest Cultist can find o r create one from common materials), these can take many forms – huge axes, great swords, halberds, spears, spears, flails, etc. A model armed with one of these large weapons adds +2 to his Strength, but strikes at -1 Initiative due to the ponderous nature of the attack. It takes both hands to use one though, so the user will not gain an extra Attack by using it even if he has any other close combat weapons. Firebombs: While many Cults lack the expertise to make or the access to steal large supplies of Frag Grenades, it is very easy for  Brood Brothers to create their own home-made incendiary devices from small (usually glass) containers of flammable liquids. Hurling them at enemy units in cover, cover, the resulting flames buy some some time as the Brood Brothers Brothers advance into Assault. The Cult uprising on Moltov Prime saw these used to great effect. The planet’s more famous fermented products were turned turned into thousands of lethal projectiles in the bid to overthrow the entrenched aristocratic government, and the battle cry of “Let them Drink Moltov Cocktails!” was heard throughout the capitol city. Firebombs in game play work exactly like Frag Grenades, but the resulting flames prevent any assaulting Cultists from Advancing; any Cult units involved in that Assault may only Consolidate. Firebombs are also more bulky and unwieldy than regular grenades, so they can only be used once per game. Heavy Stubber : A cheap and easy to mass-produce weapon used mostly by Hive gangs or criminals. Reliable and easy to use, it can spread down a hail of solid slug ammunition quickly and is a favorite weapon in almost every Cult force. Range Str AP Type 36” 4 5 Heavy 3 Poorly Made Flak Armor: Most Cults simply do not have the materiel access to ensure all members get normal Flak Armor, and thus many of the lower members must make so with cheaper substitutes constructed constructed from whatever is at hand. While not as good as the real thing, the heavy material provides some protection and gives the wearer a 6+ Armor Save. Stubb Gun: Gun: Possibly the most common weapon in the Imperium, this small pistol is very simple to construct (often being home-made for  many criminal or gang elements). elements). In game play it has the same effects effects as a Laspistol or Autopistol. Autopistol. Range Str AP Type 12” 3 Pistol

Regular Wargear & Special Rules Summaries See Codex: Imperial Guard for special rules for the following wargear items and special rules: Carapace Armor, Combi-Weapon, Master Crafted Weapons , Scanner, Targeter, Heavy Weapon Teams

Cult Vehicle Upgrades Bell of Righteousness: Before going into battle, many Cults remove sacred items from their covens to carry with them, displaying their  fanatical signs of devotion for the enemy to gaze on and despair. Commonly these are huge bells, once used to call the brood faithful to gather but now used to reinforce their faith in the Cult. Any unit within 6” of a vehicle mounted with a Bell can re-roll their Morale test after losing an Assault. Note that any given test can only be re-rolled once, no matter how many Bells are within 6” of the unit.

Regular Vehicle Upgrades See Codex: Imperial Guard and the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook for special rules for the following vehicle upgrades Extra Armour, Hunter-Killer Missile, Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, Rough T errain Modifications, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

HQ: (0-1) Genestealer Magus  After several generations, the reproductive cycle of the Genestealer flows from near bestial hybrids to near human appearing offspring  before producing more Purestrain Genestealers, thus thus recreating the cycle anew. Once the hybrid/Genestealer population reaches a certain level though, key pheromones given off b y the offspring influence the genetic materials in the Genestealer Ovipositor, increasing  the likelihood of psychic abilities in the offspring. Within a few generations, this results in the emergence of a Magus – human looking, but possessing some of the best qualities of the parent breed and his true Genestealer heritage. Totally immersed in the Brood  collective mind and possessing strong psychic abilities, the Magus serves as the translator of the Patriarch’s will to the Cult, driving  them on towards greater levels of power. The Magus leads the Cult into the spotlight, openly gathering followers and support from the surrounding communities until the Cult makes it’s final move to take control.

Profile Magus Initiate Bodyguard

Points/Model 40 5

WS 3 2

BS 3 2

S 3 3

T 3 3

W 2 1

I 4 3

A 1 1

Ld 9 6

Sv 5+ 6+

Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Bodyguard, the Magus is an Independent Character and follows all normal rules for  Independent Characters from the Warhammer 40,00 Rulebook. Weapons: Weapons: The Magus is armed with a Laspistol or Autopistol and wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save). Options: Options: The Cult Magus may select from the Armory as normal - he is very willing to take the finest weapons found or captured by the Cult (even if he probably isn’t very good at using them). Psychic Power: Hypnotic Gaze. Gaze. See Special Rules section above for for details. Special Rules: “He who runs away…”  Both the Patriarch and the Magus realize that only the Magus has the best chance of escaping to reform the Cult if the battle goes against them. Thus the Magus can make a Voluntary Fall-Back by making a successful Leadership Test, leaving behind his Bodyguard to keep on fighting in an Assault and buying him time to escape. He will automatically Regroup after  this movement has ended, or if he reaches the edge of the board. Brood Brother Initiates Bodyguard  Fanatical Cult defenders and utterly devoted to the Magus, these Brood Brothers are chosen for their devotion, not necessarily their  fighting skill (or intelligence). While to do gain access to better equipment, they know they are there to primarily protect and die for their  Magus – a duty they are ready to perform without hesitation. Unit: An Initiates Bodyguard unit consists of 5-10 models, at 5 pts each Weapons: Bodyguard Initiates are armed with either a Lasgun, Autogun, or Shotgun and wear poorly made Flak Armor (Armor Save 6+). Any member can exchange his weapons for a close combat weapon and either a Laspistol, Autopistol, or Stubb Gun for free. Options: Any Bodyguard Initiates may substitute their pistol for a Bolt Pistol at +3 pts. Up to 2 Bodyguard Initiates can also substitute their Close Combat Weapon for a Power Weapon at +15 pts. Any Bodyguard Initiate model may upgrade to o ne of the following weapons for the points value indicated: Boltgun (+3 pts), Flamer (+10 pts), Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon (+1 pt) Up to four Bodyguard Initiates may upgrade to one of the following weapons at the points cost indicated: Meltagun (+13 pts), Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag) (+13 pts), Plasma Plasma Gun (+13 pts). No more than two of the same weapon may be chosen for the unit though. Up to two Bodyguard Initiates may upgrade to one of the following Heavy Weapons at the points cost indicated: Lascannon (+30 pts), Autocannon (+30 pts), Missile Launcher (+20 pts), Mortar (+20 pts), Heavy Stubber (+10 pts), Heavy Bolter (+20 pts) Relic Bearer: One Bodyguard Initiate not carrying a Heavy Weapon may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer for free. The Magus has honored his total devotion to the Cult by allowing him to carry a Holy Relic into b attle. This must either be a Cult Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the Unbeliever (+15 (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear for rules for these these items. Special Rules: Rules: “We “We fall so that He may live”  Their absolute faith in the Cause means they will never Fall Back for any reason, and thus prevent the Magus from Falling Back too (unless Voluntarily, see above). When the unit is hit by ranged fire, the Cult player may apply up to 3 hits per Bodyguard Initiate before having to allocate any hits on the Magus. In an Assault, after all models have moved the Cult player may swap the Magus with another Bodyguard Initiate model to represent the fanatical defender rushing forward to protect his Master from harm. The same thing may be done when the unit is hit by any template or area affect weapons – after the template/marker template/marker is placed in final position, the Cult player may swap the Magus with a Bodyguard Initiate. Transport: If a Bodyguard is taken, they & the Magus may ride in a Cult Limousine (see below) for +40 points

(0-1) Genestealer Patriarch Oldest, wisest, most revered of all – the Father of the Brood. This ancient Genestealer is the primogenitor of the Cult, guiding them behind the scenes for years on years. Now that the Magus has arisen, the Ancient One feels the call of the stars again and spurs his children to battle. Only the massive clash of claws on flesh can ignite the Brood Overmind into shining brilliance, a beacon for guiding  the true Masters to the planet and the rich feeding ground their servants will prepare for them.

Profile Patriarch Genestealer

Points/Model 50 18

WS 6 6

BS 0 0

S 5 4

T 5 4

W 3 1

I 5 6

A 2 2

Ld 10 10

Sv 5+ 6+

Independent Character : Unless accompanied by a Bodyguard, the Patriarch is an Independent Character and follows all normal rules for Independent Characters from the Warhammer 40,00 Rulebook. Weapons: Claws, jaws, and grumpy old man attitude Special Rules: Razor Sharp Claws - In the same manner as for regular Genestealers, attacks from the Patriarch which roll a 6 to hit will inflict a wound automatically and ignore armor saves. Other attacks which which hit on a roll other than 6 must roll to wound as normal and the victim receives his normal armor saving throw. Unwavering Strength of Will – Will  – A Patriarch will never Fall Back, no matter the reason. As long as he is alive, any unit he leads will never  never  Fall Back either – such a thought would be blasphemous in the presence of the Cult Father! Note: Due to increased bulk and age, the Patriarch cannot use any of the special Cult Genestealer movement & reserve rules. This means that none of the Genestealers in his Bodyguard (see below) can use them either – their total devotion is to his safety. Psychic Power: Hypnotic Gaze. See Special Rules section above for d etails. Bodyguard: Bodyguard: The Patriarch may be accompanied by a small cadre of his progeny. This unit of Purestrain Genestealers can be from 312 models at 16 points each. Transport: If a Bodyguard is taken, they & the Patriarch may ride in a Cult Limousine (see below) for +40 points

Genestealer Hybrid Hierarch There is much work involved with leading the Revolution, and even the most skilled Magus cannot do everything. Thus Cults usually  have several able lieutenants to lead Cult forces on important actions such as weapon depot raids and sabotage missions. Hierarchs are nearly-human looking Hybrids, which usually only appear after several generations of the insidious Genestealer reproductive cycle. They do not share any of the Telepathic skills of the Magus, but the other gifts from their alien heritage result in them becoming skilled  fighters ready to lead Cult units into battle.

Profile Hybrid Hierarch Initiate Bodyguard

Points/Model 20 4

WS 4 2

BS 3 2

S 3 3

T 3 3

W 1 1

I 4 3

A 1 1

Ld 8 6

Sv 5+ 6+

Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Bodyguard, the Hierarch is an Independent Character and follows all normal rules for Independent Characters from the Warhammer 40,00 Rulebook. Weapons: The Hierarch is armed with a Laspistol or Autopistol and wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save). Options: May select from the Armory Armory as normal. Also, Hierarchs may be be mounted on horseback for +6 pts pts (and take a unit of  Mounted Cultists as a bodyguard) bodyguard) or ride in a bike sidecar for +10 points (and (and take a unit of Cultist Bikers as a bodyguard). bodyguard). Mounted Hierarchs may take a Riding Lance for +3 pts. Rules for mounted cultists and bikers are located below in the Fast Attack section. These special bodyguards are chosen as per their  Fast Attack sections but do not count as a Fast Attack unit selection (as they are part of the HQ selection). If either special bodyguard option is taken, the normal Hierarch Bodyguard option below is ignored (including weapon options) and no transport can be taken. Brood Brother Initiates Bodyguard  Hierarchs also select small cadres of Brood Brothers to accompany and protect protect them on missions. These are not as dedicated or  fanatical as the Magus’ Bodyguard though, so they do not get any special rules. Unit: The Hierarch’s Brood Brother Initiates Bodyguard consists of 5-10 models, at 4 pts each. Weapons: Bodyguard Initiates are armed with either a Lasgun, Autogun, or Shotgun and wear poorly made Flak Armor (Armor Save 6+). Any member can exchange his weapons for a close combat weapon and either a Laspistol, Autopistol, or Stubb Gun for free. Options: Any Bodyguard Initiates may substitute their pistol for a Bolt Pistol at +3 pts. Up to 2 Bodyguard Initiates can also substitute their Close Combat Weapon for a Power Weapon at +15 pts. Any Bodyguard Initiate model may upgrade to o ne of the following weapons for the points value indicated: Boltgun (+3 pts), Flamer (+10 pts), Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon (+1 pt) Up to two Bodyguard Initiates may upgrade to one of the following weapons at the points cost indicated Meltagun (+10 pts), Plasma Gun (+10 pts), Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag, +10 pts). One Bodyguard Initiate may be armed with one of the following Heavy Weapons at the points cost indicated Heavy Stubber (+5 pts), Lascannon (+17 pts), Autocannon (+12 pts), Missile Missile Launcher (+12 pts), Mortar (+12 pts), Heavy Bolter (+10 pts) Relic Bearer: One Bodyguard Initiate not carrying a Heavy Weapon has been honored for his total devotion to the Cult and may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer for +5 points. He may carry into battle either a Cult Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the Unbeliever  (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear for rules for for these items. The entire unit may be armed with any of the following: Frag Grenades (+1 point per model), Krak Grenades (+2 points per model). Transport: Transport: If a regular (ie., non-biker or mounted) Bodyguard is taken, they & the Hierarch may ride in a Cult Limousine for +40 points or Cult Rhino for +45 points (see below for details). Neither vehicle counts as an additional force selection if taken in this manner.

Special Transport: Genestealer Cult Limousine Cults often convert a few posh urban vehicles into special transports, to carry Cult members in secrecy (especially those they do not  want prying eyes to see, such as Purestrain Genestealers). When the Cult is ready to attack these vehicles are equipped with armor   plating & cannibalized tank fittings, to make useful in the fight. While slowed by the additional armor, their unique fittings allowing them to transport high-ranking Cult forces around the battlefield or to distant combat zones relatively quickly.

Profile Cult Limousine

Points +40

Front 11

Side 10

Rear 10

BS 2

Type: Generic Vehicle – it gains no special vehicle rules at all. It only may move up to 12” in the movement phase, and cannot perform Tank Shock. Crew: Crew: One Brood Brother Initiate Driver  Transport: Can transport the Magus or Hierarch & his Bodyguard (up to a maximum of 8 models), or the Patriarch plus 5 Genestealers maximum (it has been specially modified to carry their larger alien forms). It can only be taken as Transport for the HQ selection if a Bodyguard is chosen, and does not count as a further HQ selection. Only 1 transported model in 5 may fire any weapons (instead of  the normal 1 model in 2), and no Heavy-type weapons (such as lascannons or heavy Stubbers) can be fired from inside due to lack of  space and firing vents. Options: Cult Limousines can be upgraded with Smoke Launchers or a Bell of Righteousness only. Un-Armored Limousines: Limousines: In desperate times or when caught unprepared, a Cult may be forced to use Limousines without any combat preparation. If desired, a player may take take a Limo for half price (+20 points), but must subtract 1 from all all Armor Values. The Limo will now also count as Fast due to lack of armor plating. All normal transported model firing rules apply, so ½ of the transported models may fire their weapons rather than 1 in 5 as per Limo rules above even with heavy weapons. The model should be represented by a suitably “civilian” car model, but with the windows blackened out of course! An Unarmored Cult Limousine can still have all the normal upgrades listed above, at their normal price.

Elites: Purestrain Genestealer Brood They are the purest warrior – no remorse or pity, only blinding speed, clashing teeth, and ripping claws. Almost unstoppable in combat, they also serve a more important, sinister purpose. Genestealers are driven to infect and corrupt other races with their genetic material  in order to reproduce. Nearly immortal, and able to survive in the most inhospitable environments, they roam the galaxy on Space Hulks and other random transports. transports. Moving from planet to planet they they work to undermine planetary populations populations and make way for the the advance of the Tyranid Hive Fleets, a more subtle threat that the Imperium is usually too late in realizing.

Profile Genestealer

Points/Model 16

WS 6

BS 0

S 4

T 4

W 1

I 6

A 2

Ld 10

Sv 6+

Unit: A Brood consists of 3-12 Purestrain Genestealers. Weapons: Weapons: Claws! These are already taken into account account in the profile. Note – having multiple claws on any model model (Genestealers, Patriarch, etc) does not give them an additional attack, only what is listed in the profile. Special Rules: Razor Sharp Claws: Genestealer Claws are razor sharp, able to shred even Terminator Armor. Any of the Genestealer's attacks which roll a 6 to hit will inflict a wound automatically and ignore armor saves. Other attacks which hit on a roll other than 6 must roll to wound as normal and the victim receives his normal armor saving throw. Master Predator: Like most Tyranid bio-constructs bred as predators, Genestealers Genestealers are incredibly fast and effective in battle. Cult Genestealers, which have been raised as gods by their devoted worshippers, worshippers, are even more potent due to to their careful nurturing. A Genestealer brood can choose to either move an additional D6” in the Shooting Phase (ignore any terrain modifiers), or remain stationary and gain a 5+ Cover Save Save even if in open ground (as if they were actually actually in cover). Note that if the latter is chosen, chosen, they will count as being in cover (and thus strike first if assaulted in the current or following turn, etc.). Cult Genestealer broods also roll an extra D6 when moving though terrain (and thus for example can roll 3D6 when moving through difficult terrain). Hive Mind Link: Cult Genestealers are fully immersed in the totality of the Hive Mind, the subconscious undercurrent of intelligence that guides all Cult actions. They need no direction in battle, and are always at the forefront of any combat as they are driven by the Hive Mind to the perfect location. In any game where the Reserve rules are in use, the Cult player may bring on any Genestealer broods in any turn desired after the first first without needing to roll for them. Any broods not brought into play before before the end of the game though count as being destroyed for Victory Purposes, something to be careful of in random turn length games!

Genestealer Hybrid Brood When infected with Genestealer DNA, the host’s own genetic makeup is subverted to produce more alien offspring. Unfortunately for  Mankind, human DNA is easily twisted by the alien mutagens and quickly gives rise to Hybrids. The first generation Hybrid offspring  from an infected host greatly resembles the Purestrain form of a Genestealer, with at least one extra arm, purplish skin tone, and  misshapen head. Each successive generation generation though grows more & more to to resemble the parent host race, until until by the 4 th generation they are almost identical. These hybrids are important also also for the cult, as they can more more readily mix with the host population population and serve as functionaries in the Cult organization. organization. After the 4 th generation, the next generation though produces more Purestrain Genestealers thus continuing the cycle anew. Hybrids serve to bind the Cult together with brood telepathy and by leading Brood Brothers into battle. While they are not as deadly as Purestrain Genestealers, Hybrids Hybrids do not share their genetic inability to utilize mechanical tools and weapons. As Cult leaders, they are usually armed with the finest weapons the Cult can find or steal, leaving the remaining weapons for their followers. Earlier generation Hybrids (Neophytes) excel in close combat, sharing many of the natural ferocity of their Purestrain brothers as well as multiple arms. Later, more human appearing generations (Acolytes) who only have one extra arm if any extra at all, are more suited to support away  from the thick of the fighting.

Profile Hybrid Neophyte Hybrid Acolyte

Points/Model 12 10

WS 4 3

BS 2 3

S 3 3

T 3 3

W 1 1

I 5 4

A 2 1

Ld 8 8

Sv 5+ 5+

Unit: A Hybrid unit consists of 5-20 Genestealer Hybrids. Note that these can be any mix desired of Acolytes & Neophytes, at 12 points per Neophyte and 10 points per Acolyte. Weapons: Each Hybrid is armed with either a Lasgun, Autogun, or Shotgun and wears well-made Flak Armor (Armor Save 5+). Any member can exchange his weapons for a close combat weapon and either a Laspistol, Autopistol, or Stubb Gun for free. Options: Any Hybrid may substitute his pistol for a Bolt Pistol at +2 pts, or a Plasma Pistol +15 pts (maximum of two per unit) Up to 2 Hybrids can also substitute their Close Combat Weapon for a Power Weapon at +15 pts or Power Fist at +20 pts Any Hybrid in the unit may upgrade to one of the following weapons: Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon at +1 pt, Genestealer Claw Totem at +8 pts, Bolter at +3 pts. Up to four Hybrids in the unit may upgrade to one of the following weapons: Lascannon (+35 pts), Autocannon (+25 pts), Multi-Melta Multi-Melta (+40 pts, only one per unit), Missile Launcher (+25 pts), Mortar (+20 pts), Plasma Cannon (+40 pts, only one per unit), Heavy Stubber  (+15 pts), Heavy Bolter (+20 pts), Flamer at +6 pts, Grenade Launcher with Krak/Frag rounds at +12 pts, Plasma Gun (+14 pts), Meltagun (+14 pts). No more than two of the same weapon (except for Heavy Stubbers) may be chosen for the unit though. The entire unit may be armed with any of the following: Frag Grenades (+1 point per model), Krak Grenades (+2 points per model), Melta Bombs (+5 points per model). The entire unit may be upgraded to Carapace Armor (4+ Save) at +8 points per model. Transport: The entire unit (if 12 models or less) can be transported in either a Cult Rhino (+45 pts) or a Cult Chimera (+70 pts). See below for descriptions. This will not count as a further Elites selection. selection.

Troops (0-2) Brood Brother Comrades Unit Cults often infiltrate the trained members of any military forces in the area, as they know in the coming rise to power both their combat  skills and access to weapons will be invaluable! These are usually local members of the Planetary Defense Forces (PDF), but can also be local Adeptus Arbites detachments, detachments, or even Imperial Imperial Guard regiments stationed on the the planet. Cults often find it difficult to to convert  large numbers of these forces to the cause, but their actual military training (compared to the lack thereof for the rest of the Cult) more than make up for their lack of numbers. They serve a key role in arranging for proper military strategies for the Magus, and also alerting  the Cult of any possible signs that the true nature of the Cult has been detected by local authorities.

Profile Brood Brother Comrade Hybrid Neophyte Hybrid Acolyte

Points/Model 8 +12 +10

WS 3 4 3

BS 3 2 3

S 3 3 3

T 3 3 3

W 1 1 1

I 3 5 4

A 1 2 1

Ld 7 8 8

Sv 5+ 5+ 5+

Squad: Squad: The Squad consists of 5-10 models, and can be lead by a single Hybrid Acolyte or Neophyte (see below). Weapons: Comrade units are armed with either a Lasgun, Autogun, or Shotgun and wear Flak Armor (Armor Save 5+). Any member  can exchange their original weapon for a close combat weapon and either a Laspistol or Autopistol at no extra cost. Options: Any number of models can upgrade to a Bolter for +3 points. One model in the unit may have one of the following: Flamer (+3 pts), Meltagun (+8 pts), Plasma Gun (+8 pts), Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag, +8 pts) Two members can form a Heavy Weapons team, together also armed with one of the following heavy weapons: Lascannon (+20 pts), Autocannon (+15 pts), Missile Launcher (+15 pts), Mortar (+15 pts), Heavy Bolter (+10 pts), Multi-Melta Multi-Melta (+50 pts), Plasma Cannon (+45 pts). See Codex: Imperial Guard Guard for details on two-man heavy weapon weapon team rules. The entire unit may be armed with any of the following: Frag Grenades (+1 point per model), Krak Grenades (+2 points per model). Hybrid Leader: The unit may be lead by either a single Hybrid Acolyte Acolyte (+10 pts) or Hybrid Neophyte Neophyte (+12 pts). The Hybrid Leader is with a Laspistol or Autopistol, wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can select items from the Armory as normal. Transport: The unit (and Leader) may be transported in a Cult Chimera (+70 pts) or Cult Rhino (+45 pts). See below for descriptions. This will not count as a further Troops selection.

Regular Transport Vehicles The following may be purchased as transport vehicles only for units as noted above. Options: Options: All Cult Tanks listed below can take any of the vehicle upgrades from the Armory list. Cult Chimera Profile Points Front Side Rear BS Cult Chimera +70 12 10 10 3 Type: Tank Crew: Brood Brother Comrades Transport: Up to 10 Cultists from a single unit, plus up to 2 characters attached to the unit. Weapon Options: The Chimera must be armed with a single turret mounted weapon for +10 points: Multi-laser, Heavy Flamer, or  Heavy Bolter. In addition, it may be fitted with a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer for +5 points. Cult Rhino Profile Points Front Side Rear Cult Rhino +45 11 11 10 Type: Tank Crew: Brood Brother Comrades Weapons: Storm Bolter  Transport: Up to 10 Cultists from a single unit, plus up to 2 characters attached to the unit.

BS 3

Brood Brother Initiates Unit The bulk of any Cult is made up of non-military forces: ordinary people caught up in the Cult’s recruitment. Some are common criminals, hive gangers, deluded revolutionaries, or those with with simply nothing nothing else to lose. Many are not not even aware aware of the the true nature of the Cult Cult until they reach reach the higher levels of the organization. Like all Brood Brothers, Brothers, they are eventually implanted with with the Genestealer seed, and many have been proud parents to hybrid offspring. No matter what, they are fully willing to join their alien  progeny in battle; bound together by the strong hypnotic power of the Brood they form the backbone of the Cult forces. As access to weapons for the Cult is limited, and the finest weapons found or captured are usually given to the leaders and trained members, the Initiate units are usually left to themselves to find weapons – resulting normally in an eclectic range of weapons in each unit. Though they have no real training in military matters, their fanatical zeal and sheer weight of numbers is usually enough to overrun any  opposition in their bid to overthrow the local government forces.

Profile Brood Brother Initiates Hybrid Neophyte Hybrid Acolyte

Points/Model 4 +12 +10

WS 2 4 3

BS 2 2 3

S 3 3 3

T 3 3 3

W 1 1 1

I 3 5 4

A 1 2 1

Ld 6 8 8

Sv 5+ 5+

Squad: The unit consists of 10-50 models, and can be lead by a single Hybrid Acolyte or Neophyte (see below). Weapons: Each member is armed with either a Close Combat weapon, Laspistol, Stubb Gun, Autopistol, bow, or crossbow. crossbow. Note you are free to mix weapons in the unit – Initiate units rarely if ever all have the same weapon. Also note that Initiates do not wear any armor, and thus do not normally get any saving throws when wounded. Options: Each Initiate armed with a Close Combat Weapon may take one additional Close Combat Weapon for +1 point. If they are armed with a Laspistol, Stubb Gun, or Autopistol they may also take a Close Combat Weapon (keeping the ranged weapon) but at +2 points. Any number of models may upgrade to one of the following weapons for +1 point: Lasgun, Autogun, Shotgun, or Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon. One model in the unit may have one of the following weapons: Flamer (+5 pts), Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag, +8 pts), Bolter (+3 pts) One Initiate for every ten members of the unit may have a Heavy Stubber at +6 points per weapon (thus a unit of 10 members can have one Heavy Stubber, a unit of 20 can have two, and so on). Instead of taking any Heavy Stubbers, units with a Hybrid Leader may have one member armed with one of the following: Lascannon (+17 pts), Autocannon (+12 pts), Missile Launcher (+12 pts), Mortar (+12 p ts), Heavy Bolter (+10 pts). The entire unit may be armed with Firebombs for +1 point per model. Relic Bearer: One Initiate not carrying a Heavy Weapon has been honored for his dedication to the Cult and may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer for +6 points. He may carry into battle either a Cult Censer Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the the Unbeliever (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear for rules for these items. Hybrid Leader : The unit may be lead by ei ther a single Hybrid Acolyte (+10 pts) or Hybrid Neophyte (+12 pts). The Hybrid Leader is with a Laspistol or Autopistol, wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can select items from the Armory as normal. Special Rules - Infiltrate: Infiltrate: As the Initiates resemble (outwardly at least) simple common humans, they can often approach the enemy without the enemy forces actually believing them to be hostile or at least very much of a threat. Many are actually skilled in this (exgang members especially). especially). Of course, if Hybrid is leading the unit this can be more more difficult than normal, but the the heavy robes most Cults adopt can keep him disguised until the unit is ready to act. One (and only one!) Initiates unit may then Infiltrate (if the scenario allows it), as long as the unit does not have any Heavy Weapons or a Relic Bearer, contains 20 or fewer models, and is not in a vehicle. Even the dimmest Ork might think a very large group of humans scuttling towards them would look suspicious!

Fast Attack: (0-2) Sentinel Squadron Sentinels are a common sight in most Imperial Guard forces, usually striding out in patrols of the advance force. As they are often out  on independent patrol, their pilots can fall prey to Genestealer attack and once implanted with the alien seed become valued Cult  members. Armor Profile Points WS BS S Front Side Rear I A Sentinel 35 3 3 5 10 10 10 3 1 Squadron: Squadron: 1-3 per Squadron Type: Open-topped, Walker  Crew: Crew: One Brood Brother Comrade Weapon: Weapon: Each Cult Sentinel is armed with one of the following weapons: Multi-laser at +10 pts or Heavy Flamer at +5 pts. Options: Sentinels can only take the following upgrades: upgrades: Extra Armor, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, Hunter-Killer Missile, Rough Terrain Modifications. One Sentinel per squadron may carry a Bell of Righteousness, Righteousness, but if chosen that squadron cannot use any of the special rules below (it’s hard to scout effectively near the enemy while a loud bell is ringing!). Special Rules – Scouts: Sentinel pilots are usually at the forefront of any fighting force, scouting out the advance terrain and picking out good deployment locations. As such, they may u se the special Sentinel Scouting rules from Codex: Imperial Guard.

(0-2) Brood Brother Mounted Cultists Most planets have some sort of riding beast which has been converted for use in local military or Arbites forces. These can offer the Cult a speedy attack force, but it is rare to have many of these mounted units. Most mounts are spooked too easily by the vile hissing of  the Genestealer broods, and tend to run away first chance they get!  Profile Points/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Mounted Initiates 6 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6 6+ Mounted Hybrid Acolyte +12 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+ Unit: Unit: 5-10 Mounted Cultists per unit Weapons: Each member is armed with a Close Combat weapon and either a Laspistol, Stubb Gun, Autopistol. Note you are free to mix weapons in the unit – Initiates rarely if ever all have the same weapon. They wear poorly made Flak Armor (Armor Save 6+). Special Rules: Mounted Cultists count as Cavalry, and gain all regular special rules for them from the 40K Rulebook. Options: Any number may also take a for a Bow for free, or one of the following at +1 points: Lasgun, Autogun, or Shotgun. One model in the unit may also have one o f the following: Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag, +8 pts), Flamer (+8 pts), Bolter (+3 pts). Any number of models may may also take a Riding Lance for +2 points. Like the options above, this will not replace replace any additional weaponry they may already have – they are well trained enough to stow their lances or weapons until needed. See below for Riding Lance Rules. Relic Bearer: One member has been honored for his fierce devotion & superior riding skills and may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer  for +10 points. He may carry into battle either either a Cult Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the the Unbeliever (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear  for rules for these items. Mounted Hybrid Leader : The unit can be lead by Hybrid Acolyte Acolyte on Horseback for +12 points. The Hybrid Leader is with a Laspistol or  Autopistol, wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can select items from from the Armory as normal. He may also be armed with a Riding Lance for +2 points. Riding Lances: Lances: Most mounted Cultists use a long lance or spear in combat, so they can strike their enemy with the full momentum of  their charge. The extra range gives them an edge in assaults, doubling their Initiative in the first combat round of that Assault and allowing them to strike simultaneously against enemy in cover. It can only be used if the Cultist charged though, and only to make a single attack (no matter how many attacks the model may normally have). Riding Lances cannot be combined with any other close combat weapons or effects (except for that from a Patriarch Ichor Vial ), ), so the user will normally only strike at their own Strength with a single attack when using the Lance. It can be used over again in fresh Assaults in subsequent turns though.

(0-2) Brood Brother Cultist Bikers Bikes are a common combat transport throughout the Imperium, used on most planets by Adeptus Arbites police forces to underground  gangs or criminal elements. They (and their riders) are often absorbed into the Cult, where they provide a hard-hitting, fast moving  force to augment their slower moving Brood Brothers. Profile Points/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Initiate Biker 10 2 2 3 3(4) 1 3 1 6 6+ Hybrid Acolyte Sidecar +20 3 3 3 3(4) 1 4 2 8 4+ Unit: 3-10 Cultist Bikers per unit Weapons: Weapons: Each member is armed with either a Close Combat weapon, Laspistol, Stubb Gun, or Autopistol. Note you are free to mix weapons in the unit – Initiates rarely rarely if ever all have the same weapon. They wear poorly made Flak Armor Armor (6+ Save). Special Rules: Cult Bikers ride Bikes (what, you were thinking they were riding Dreadnoughts?), and gain all regular special rules for  them from the 40K Rulebook. Options: Each Initiate Biker armed with a Close Combat Weapon may take one additional Close Combat Weapon for +1 point. If they are armed with a Laspistol, Stubb Gun, or Autopistol they may also take a Close Combat Weapon (keeping the ranged weapon) but at +2 points. Any number of models may exchange their weapons for either a Shotgun, Lasgun, or Autogun for +1 point. One model in the unit may have one of the following: Grenade Launcher (Krak/Frag, +8 pts), Flamer (+8 pts), or Bolter (+3 pts). The entire unit may be armed with Firebombs for +1 point per model. Relic Bearer: One Cult Biker has been honored for for his loyalty and may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer Bearer for +10 points. He may carry into battle either a Cult Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the Unbeliever (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear for rules for these items. Acolyte at +20 points. The Hybrid Leader is armed with a Laspistol Laspistol or  Hybrid Leader Sidecar : The unit can be lead by Hybrid Acolyte Autopistol, wears well made made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can can select items from the Armory Armory as normal. He rides in a special Sidecar, driven by an Initiate. The combination of bike & sidecar counts as a single model, much like a Space Marine Attack Bike, and follows normal movement rules for Bikes. The model in the sidecar determines the profile, with +1 Toughness (as per normal bikes) as well as +1 Attack and +1 to his regular Armor Armor Save. Note these rules apply as well if a Hierarch Hierarch takes a Biker Bodyguard & rides in a Sidecar  Sidecar  to lead them. Important Note: Cult Bikes do not have not have any weapons mounted on them; they only have the weapons the riders carry. These are more like civilian bikes than the weapon-ready Marine or Ork combat bikes.

Cult Light Attack Vehicle Cults often have to become quite innovative in weapon creation, given their lack of ready munitions to draw on. One common adaptation is to take a small civilian vehicle and add some light armor plus a heavy weapon mounting. The resulting two-man vehicle gives the Cult a very mobile, fast moving weapon platform, adaptable to a wide variety to heavy weapons. Profile Points Front Side Rear BS Cult LAV 20 + 10 10 10 2 weapon Squadron: Squadron: 1-3 Light Attack Vehicles per Squadron Type: Open-topped, Fast Crew: Crew: Brood Brother Initiates (1 Driver, 1 Gunner) Weapons: Weapons: Brood Brother Light Attack Vehicles are fitted fitted with one of the following weapons: Autocannon (+20 pts), Missile Launcher  (+15 pts), Heavy Stubber (+5 pts), Heavy Bolter (+15 p ts), Heavy Flamer (+15 pts) Options: Light Attack Vehicles can only take a Searchlight as Searchlight as upgrades. One Light Attack Vehicle per squadron may carry a Bell of  Righteousness.

Cult Truckers  Another common Cult improved vehicle is a simple civilian transport, with a large open bed in the rear to carry Initiates into battle. Some armor is added, and usually usually the ubiquitous Heavy Stubber Stubber as well, to finish off the conversion conversion into Cult usage. While not as well  armed or armored as other Cult Cult vehicles, they are cheap and more more readily available. In combat, they thunder thunder across the battlefield in a torrent of kicked-up gravel as the Initiates in the rear hang as best they can, trusting their lives to the Patriarch for protection!  Profile Points Front Side Rear BS Cult Battle Truck 30+Initiates 10 10 10 2 Squadron: 1-3 Battle Trucks per Squadron Type: Open-topped, Fast

Crew: Crew: Brood Brother Initiates Vehicle Options: Cult Battle Trucks can have one vehicle mounted Heavy Stubber for +5 points. Trucks can only take Rough Terrain Modifications, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, or Extra or Extra Armor as Armor  as upgrades. One Truck per squadron may carry a Bell of Righteousness. Righteousness. Transport: Each Cult Truck must carry 5-10 Brood Brother Initiates at +4 points each. Profile Points/Model WS BS S T Brood Brother Initiates +4 2 2 3 3

W 1

I 3

A 1

Ld 6

Sv -

Weapons: Each transported Initiate is armed with either a Close Combat weapon, Laspistol, Stubb Gun, Autopistol, bow, or crossbow. Note you are free to mix weapons – Initiate units rarely if ever all have the same weapon. Options: Any transported Initiate armed with a Close Combat Weapon may take one additional Close Combat Weapon for +1 point. If they are armed with a Laspistol, Stubb Gun, or Autopistol they may also take a Close Combat Weapon (keeping the ranged weapon) but at +2 points. Any number of models may exchange their weapon for one of the following at the points values indicated: Lasgun at +1pt, Autogun at +1 pt, Shotgun at +1 pt, Double-Handed Close Combat Weapon at +1 pt All transported Initiated may be armed with Firebombs for +1 point per model. Note that either all are armed with them, or none. Relic Bearer: One transported Initiate per Truck squadron has been honored for his suicidal bravery and may be upgraded to a Cult Relic Bearer for +8 points. He may carry into battle either a Cult Censer Censer (+20 pts) or a Remains of the the Unbeliever (+15 pts). See the Cult Wargear for rules for these items.

Heavy Support: Brood Brother Heavy Weapon Teams Trained Cult members are often assigned to provide long range support to the advancing forces. PDF members will usually have training for these common heavy weapons, and better yet easy access to them! Cults commonly send raiding parties to “liberate”  stored weapons from local depots, often with the aid of recruited officers who provide security codes and other support. Profile Points/Team WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Brood Brother Comrade 15 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+ 5+ Crew Hybrid Neophyte +12 4 2 4 3 1 5 1 8 5+ Hybrid Acolyte +10 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+ Unit: The unit is formed from 1-3 Heavy Weapons teams, with each team consisting of a crew of 2 Brood Brother Comrades. See Codex: Imperial Guard for details on two-man heavy weapon team rules. The unit can be lead by a single Hybrid Acolyte or Neophyte (see below). Weapons: Each model is armed with a Lasgun or Autogun and wears Flak Armor (Armor Save 5+), and one Heavy Weapon per team: Autocannon (+25 pts) , Lascannon Lascannon (+30), Heavy Bolter Bolter (+15), Mortar (+20), Missile Missile Launcher (+20). The weapon cost is added to the 15 points per crew pair to arrive at the total weapon cost (for example, a Lascannon crew would cost 45 points, and a full team of three crews armed with a Lascannon, Autocannon, and Mortar would cost a total of 1 15 points). Hybrid Leader: The unit may be lead by either a single Hybrid Acolyte Acolyte (+10 pts) or Hybrid Neophyte Neophyte (+12 pts). The Hybrid Leader is with a Laspistol or Autopistol, wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can select items from the Armory as normal.

Cult Tanks Once the Cult has infiltrated military units, the next step is to gain access to weapons depots and storage yards. Soon, local materiel  officers find a dramatic increase in missing parts and vehicles “wrecked beyond repair” on remote exercises or transferred to other  commands. All of these of course being siphoned to the the growing Cult force. Many tanks are simply left alone alone in the depots, and stolen right before the Cult makes its bid for power. Other vehicles are salvaged in battle, or even built in secret using stolen Standard  Template Construct (STC) data. The Cult rarely if ever gains combat access to the more rare and valuable tank types, due to higher  security and scrutiny (and difficulty in operation too!), thus most Cults only can field the more common Imperial Imperial tanks. But once repainted in the common Cult colors of Blue and Purple, they are invaluable in the fight!  Cult Tank Options: Options: All Cult Tanks listed below can take any of the vehicle upgrades from the Armory list. Transport: Any vehicles listed below with Transport capability can only carry the Magus, Hierarchs, Brood Brood Brothers & Hybrids. They cannot carry Genestealers, or the Patriarch. And don’t even think of transporting Mounted Cultists or Bikers!

Profile Points Front Side Rear BS Cult Land Raider 250 14 14 14 3 Type: Tank Crew: Crew: Brood Brother Comrades Weapons: Twin-linked Lascannons in each Sponson and hull-mounted forward firing Twin-linked Heavy Bolters Transport: Up to 10 Cultists from a single unit, plus up to 2 characters attached to the unit. Note: Most Space Marine vehicles would be very difficult for Cult forces to capture or steal; due to such rarity this vehicle counts as two Heavy Support choices. A Land Raider would be even more difficult, and only the most powerful of Cults will ever capture or gain access to one. Therefore Cults can only field Land Raiders in in games of 3000 points or more. Profile Cult Leman Russ

Points 100+weapo ns

Front 14

Side 12

Rear 10

BS 3

Type: Type: Tank Crew: Brood Brother Comrades Weapons: The Leman Russ must be armed with a single turret-mounted weapon for the following cost: Battlecannon for +40 points, or  twin-linked Autocannon for +20 points. You must also equip it with a single hull mounted weapon: Heavy Bolter +5 points or Lascannon +15 points Options: You may upgrade the Leman Russ with a pair of sponson weapons at +10 points for either pair of weapons: Heavy Bolters or  Heavy Flamers.

Profile Points Front Side Rear BS Cult Predator 100 13 11 10 3 Type: Tank Crew: Brood Brother Comrades Weapons: Turret-mounted Autocannon. Autocannon. This can be upgraded to a twin-linked Lascannon turret for +20 points Options: You may upgrade the Predator with a pair of sponson weapons: Heavy Bolters at +10 points for the pair, or Lascannons at +25 points for the pair  Note: Most Space Marine vehicles would be very difficult for Cult forces to capture or steal; due to such rarity this vehicle counts as two Heavy Support choices. choices. Even so, only the the most powerful powerful of Cults will ever ever capture or gain access access to a Predator. Predator. Therefore Cults can can only field Predator Tanks in games of 2000 points or more.

Appendix: Special Characters Arch-Magus Janos Armistadt the Traveler  ******Inquisitorial Report. Eyes Only – Level Level L Thought for the Day: “When we Rest, We Fail”  89% Probability Sighting of the Heretic/Alien Armistadt (ref: Ichar IV Heresy) in sector Segmentum Tempestus on Agri-world Roxxas 3. Report made by Stealth-Watcher Hayne (no contact for 13 days past next scheduled contact time; presumed captured or dead). Current designation: designation: “Most Holy Father Aldoux Gennings.” Cult Title: Title: “Fellowship of the Faithful.” Cult Incept Duration: Duration : 4 Generational Cycles, plus/minus 1 cycle. Recommendation: Recommendation: Fleet blockade of the Roxxas system, followed by light planetary bombardment and assault landings. Heavy resistance to be expected, including Alien presence (cross-ref morphology Genestealer). Imperative Primus: Primus: Target Heretic retrieved, either alive or corpus. Imperative Secundus Secundus:: All alien and genetic deviants destroyed. destroyed. Planetary population expendable. expendable. Designated Forces: Forces: Nova Marines, two Imperial Guard regiments (Tallarn 14 th & Xanderan 22nd). Comments: Comments: Armistadt must not be allowed to escape again! Initiate house to house identification of remains if needed. Planetary Bombardment alone cannot guarantee success. success. This attempted before, and he has been sighted three times since (ref file: PrandiumDeathworld). Do not make this foolish mistake mistake again - we must know he is eliminated! eliminated! Signed : Agmar (Personal Note – ensure Kryptman gets this data to add to his study – his insights have been invaluable) Message Ends********

Legends have sprung up on dozens of worlds of a charismatic preacher, elderly but still vital, who brings the word of the faithful to the masses then leaves tto o spread the word elsewhere. On Mossba he was known as The Blessed Blessed Gilessen Bogtat. On Prandium, Revered Pater Noveen the Meek. It was on Ichar IV that he took the name that the Inquisition hunts him by to this day: Learned Brother  Janos Armistadt. Under a variety of names and shifting guises this being has moved from system to system, preaching to the downtrodden and raising up new religious fervor while secretly initiating Genestealer infiltration. How long he has lived is unknown (certainly many decades longer  than a normal human). He has always managed to stay a step ahead of any arriving Imperial forces sent to deal with the revolutions he instigates. Unlike most other Magi, he usually leaves the planetary system once a Cult is established, rarely staying for outright revolution to begin. One of the Purestrain Genestealers Genestealers he brings with him to each new planet begins a new life as Patriarch for the emerging Cult. After his departure (along with a cadre of Genestealers and Brood Brothers) the Cult usually continues to flourish, due to the training and experience he imparts on the new leaders. On Ichar IV he lead the Brotherhood, a religious fundamentalist group which masked his secret objectives. It was Inquisitor Agmar who finally realized that the descriptions of the missing Magus from that uprising (only barely averted due to a combined Imperial Guard and Ultramarines counter-attack) counter-attack) matched those of religious leaders seen on several other planets stretching back over many decades. On each of these worlds, serious revolts had later begun, not hapless uprisings as commonly seen in badly governed worlds but wellorchestrated and professional professional insurrections. Agmar alerted others, and the the mysterious preacher was sighted sighted shortly again and nearly captured. Since then though Armistadt Armistadt has been more careful, adopting adopting a new disguise as he arrives at each new world. One step behind usually though are the Arbites Arbites and Inquisitorial forces, keeping keeping him from staying too long on any one planet. It is still not known how long or why he operates in this manner, manner, or how many other Magi might also also be doing so, or even his true name. It is even more uncertain if he is possibly aware of his true Tyranid heritage, or if he might even be guided from afar by the Hive Mind. The fact that these are still unknown has been the cause for great concern amongst the Inquisition, especially Agmar who has made it his personal quest to eradicate this threat to the Imperium at any cost.

Arch-Magus Armistadt Armistadt may be chosen to lead your Genestealer Cult Army. If selected, he will count as a HQ choice, and replaces the Magus selection (you cannot take both Armistadt and a regular Magus). He must be taken exactly as described below and may not be given any extra equipment from the Armory. The points value indicated for him includes all of his items except for Bodyguard and Transport. In addition he can only be used in battles where both both players have decided to allow special characters. characters. Armistadt is an Independent Character and follows all normal rules for Independent Characters in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, unless accompanied by a Protectorate (see below).

Profile Arch-Magus Janos Armistadt

Points 107

WS 3

BS 4

S 3

T 4

W 3

I 4

A 1

Ld 10

Sv 4+

Weapons: Armistadt is armed with a Master Crafted Bolt Pistol, The Serpent’s Tooth, and The Shepherd’s Staff  Wargear: Armistadt wears Carapace Armor (4+ Armor (4+ save) with a Chitin Armor Covering under Covering under his flowing robes. Psychic Powers: As a Magus, Armistadt has the psychic power  Hypnotic Gaze Hypnotic Gaze as described above, plus the new power Test power  Test of Wills. Wills. Armistadt has refined his hypnotic powers to the level that he can actually reach out and take control of enemy minds. At the start of the

Cult player’s Assault Phase, Armistadt Armistadt may attempt to use this power against a single enemy model with 6” to which he has Line of  Sight. First he must pass a Psychic Test Test as normal, then both models roll roll 2D6 and add it to their Leadership. If Armistadt’s total total is higher, he has taken over the mind of the enemy, and can immediately make a normal Assault move with the model. The Assault Phase is then conducted as normal, but Armistadt also controls that model and it counts as being part of the Cult Army for the rest of the phase. If the result is a tie, or the enemy’s enemy’s total is higher, nothing happens. The power will only work on living creatures – so so Vehicles, Demons, Necrons, Thousand Sons, Avatars, Avatars, Wraithguard, etc. are not effected. Tyranids of any type are not effected by the power  either. At the end of that Assault Phase, the effects wear off and the enemy model regains control of his senses. Special Rules: As a Magus, Armistadt can use the “He who runs away…” special away…”  special rules described above. above. Also, his ages of  experience give him an additional edge in ensuring his safety. If desired, when attempting to make this voluntary Fall-back test he can declare that he is deciding to quit the battlefield altogether and flee the area. If his test is successful, he is simply removed from play, but no Victory Points are scored for his removal. He will though count as being dead for purposes of any other special Cult rules. Special Wargear: The Shepherd’s Staff  Moving from planet to planet, Armistadt has acquired a collection of rare and arcane artifacts, which have served him well as he has sown the seeds of heresy and revolt throughout the Imperium. While not confirmed, it is believed that the Staff was captured in a pitched battle with rival Chaos Worshippers. Where they got (or stole) it from was never revealed, but the Staff has become a signature mark of Armistadt ever since. Glowing with unholy power and coronal discharges, the Staff counts counts as a Power Weapon in Assaults. The Staff takes both hands to use as a weapon though, so if used then no other combat bonuses for extra attacks can be used. The Staff also amplifies Armistadt’s hypnotic powers throughout his followers, allowing any unit he is leading to re-roll any and all Leadership-based tests they are required to make. For any effects that cause automatic failure of a test, the unit may still make a single test but may not re-roll re-roll it. This power is in effect even if the the Staff is not being used for combat combat at the time. The Serpent’s Tooth According to Imperial Intelligence reports this ornate dagger was made from a claw from the long-dead Patriarch who founded Armistadt’s original Cult family. family. Witnesses say the blade of polished polished bone is covered with small notches, notches, believed to represent each Cult the Arch-Magus has founded, or possibly each Imperial Imperial Agent he has killed. In combat it operates like a normal normal Genestealer Claw Totem, but can be used with another Close Combat Weapon. Armistadt’s skill with the dagger though results in +2 Attacks when he uses it (rather than the normal +1), for a base total of 3 Attacks for normal combat (4 if he charged that turn). All attacks gain the special AP 4 Totem ability. Transport: If a Bodyguard is taken, they and Armistadt (up to a maximum of 8 models) may ride in a Cult Limousine for +40 points (see HQ-Transport for full rules). He will never take an un-armored Limousine though, as he is almost never caught un-prepared! Bodyguard: When necessary to fight, Armistadt commonly commonly leads a personal cadre of followers into battle. This will either be a Protectorate (see below) or a unit of 3-12 Genestealers at 16 points each. Note that none of the Genestealers in his Bodyguard can use their normal Cult Genestealer special movement rules – their total devotion to his safety keeps them too busy to run faster or seek cover.

Profile Protectorate Genestealer

Points/Model 9 16

WS 3 6

BS 3 0

S 3 4

T 3 4

W 1 1

I 3 6

A 1 2

Ld 7 10

Sv 5+ 6+

Protectorate: The Protectorate is formed from 5-10 models of highly trained & fanatical Brood Brothers chosen among all others to serve as his personal Bodyguard. Weapons: Protectorate members wear well-made Flak Armor (Sv 5+) and are armed with a Close Combat Weapon. Options: Each Protectorate member may make any weapon options as per the regular Magus Bodyguard entry, with the exception that they may not take any Heavy Heavy Weapons. Armistadt knows the the importance of keeping on the move, move, and never likes to be tied down in the midst of combat! Protectorate members members cannot be upgraded to Relic Bearer either. Special Rules: Rules: All normal Magus Bodyguard special rules apply. Suicide Bombers: Honed over the years, Armistadt’s incredible powers of hypnotic persuasion and mind control can create bodyguards even more fanatical than normal. His Protectorate are even willing to commit suicide for him, knowing that they will have a place at his side in the afterlife. Protectorate members are armed with special contact contact bombs, designed for maximum explosive power  in a shaped charge. At the start of either player’s Assault Phase (but after all models have charged) each Protectorate Protectorate model may detonate their bomb, instantly killing themselves but causing any one model in contact to take an automatic Strength 6 hit. Only models in base contact are effected, and any casualties (both Protectorate Protectorate and enemy) count toward resolving the Assault. Once any Suicide Bombs are completed, resolve the rest of the Assault Phase as normal. This special attack can be used against vehicles as well, with each model causing an automatic hit with an Armor Penetration value of 6+D6 no matter the vehicle type or speed. In a Death or Glory Attack, each Protectorate Protectorate member who stands and detonates his bomb will be removed as a casualty as normal. Note that the player  must declare how many Protectorate Protectorate models are being used in attacking a vehicle or doing a Death or Glory attack before rolling any dice to penetrate! Even if the first bomb destroys the vehicle, all of the declared Protectorate models are still removed from play.

Manos the Mad Manos (certainly not his original name) began life on a backwater planet, the first generation offspring in a newly formed Cult. Oddly though for a first generation hybrid, he appeared fully human. His parents were killed mere months after his birth though, attempting to rescue their Genestealer master from the wreck of a burning transport vehicle. Orphaned, Manos was raised by a local seminary and thoroughly immersed in proper Imperial Cult and worship of the Emperor. Young Manos showed himself to be quite brilliant and fervent as a student. His devotion to the Ministorum was all-encompassing; early on he lead several local crusades against heretics, saving hundreds of souls from living as unbelievers. Soon he was readied to leave the planet and embark on what looked to be a successful career as a Preacher. Then his true heritage emerged. A small blue growth appeared under his left arm, which grew rapidly in mere days to become an additional arm! Shocked to the core to discover his heresy as a mutant, he immediately severed the limb and burned the foul flesh. Praying to the Emperor for deliverance he drifted off to a troubled sleep filled with monstrous visions of hissing demons with deep hypnotic eyes. Salvation was not forthcoming though as the next morning he awoke to not only find the arm regrown, but a hard layer of blue chitin forming over his now purple-ish skin! Needless to say his world view shifted shifted a bit, and he snapped quite utterly and completely. completely. Effortlessly slaughtering slaughtering his former  brethren, he boarded his ship and left the planet. Abandoned by his former God-Emperor, one vision now fills his brain – to find his true father, a mighty being of daggered teeth and razor claws who must be out there somewhere in the stars. Only he can cure poor Manos of his heresy, and forgive him of his sins. Manos travels from system to system system in search of his father and new god, hiding his heresy with robes and skin-paint. Periodically his alien urges take control, and he spreads the Genestealer infection amongst the local populace before regaining his “senses” and continuing with his quest for redemption. Manos may be taken as an single Elite choice in a Genestealer Cult Army, and can join and lead a unit in the same manner as other  Independent Characters. He must be taken exactly as described below and may not be given any extra equipment from the Armory. The points value indicated for him includes all of his items. In addition he can only be used in battles where both players have decided to allow special characters. Manos is an Independent Character and follows all normal rules for Independent Characters in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.

Profile Manos the Mad

Points 60

WS 4

BS 2

S 4

T 5

W 2

I 4

A 2

Ld 10

Sv 5+ cvr

Weapons: Manos is armed with a Close Combat weapon plus a special Flamer which fires The Flames of Blood . He also also carries carries The Brazier of Damnation, The Eye of Judgement, and The Crown of Iron. Special Wargear & Weapons: Brazier of Damnation Neither of his true parents realized that they carried recessive taints of heresy in their genes. Even had they not been implanted with Genestealer viral DNA, Manos Manos would have been born a mutant. His mutation caused his first new arm to grow back, and did the same same thing each other time Manos tries to severe his heretical limbs. He chops up his severed parts to burn in a brazier he carries on a pole, surrounding him with the foul evidence of his sins. These fumes give him a 5+ cover save at all times, allowing him to strike first as if in cover all the time. If he has joined a Cult unit, the scent of his burning flesh also allows them to gain +1 Initiative and +1 Attack in the first round of each Assault. Flames of Blood  Manos mixes flammable liquid with his own vile blood, producing a toxic potion he stores in special canisters. When fired from his Flamer, it results in an even more potent effect than a regular Flamer hit, thus proving to others the depth of his heresy. Range Str AP Type Template 4 4 Assault 1 The Eye of Judgement  Manos wears special device on his back – the all-seeying Eye of Judgement . Made it long ago in one of his more lucid moments moments to aid him in his search, it uses illegal and forbidden tech from variety of planets and races. The Eye projects a scanning beam of psychic energy designed to search for his visionquest creature – any who do not measure up against the programmed criteria are filled with pain as their brains or spirits are suddenly suddenly ingulfed with his horrifying visions! The beam will always target the closest closest enemy model in any direction, whoever he is, and hit automatically (vehicles or models without a Leadership value are never targeted). The Eye can be fired even if Manos also fired his flamer, and even when he is in close combat (it will automatically hit one enemy model he is touching at random as an additional attack). A model hit by the Eye must pass a Leadership test (using only their own Leadership value), or take a Strength 5 hit with no armor or cover saves allowed. Range Str AP Type Auto 12” 5 Assault 1, Independent weapon The Crown of Iron In one of his more mad moments (and he has had many over his many years of roaming the galaxy), as a self-inflicted curse Manos drove still-glowing steel spikes into his head, forming a circlet of metal. This didn’t hurt him of course, but it did make him almost impervious to pain and allows him shrug off wounds that would kill others. This is represented by his higher than normal Toughness, and in that he cannot be wounded by weapons with a Strength lower than his Toughness (ie., he cannot be h armed by Strength 4 or  lower weapons). He can still be wounded as normal by a Sniper Rifle Rifle though.

Special Rules: Manos usually has at least one extra limb (or more depending on how many he’s cut off lately) as well as a close combat weapon (usually a sword). This results in his higher than normal of attacks, which is already built into his characteristics.

Genestealer Ark Some Cults are naturally more successful than others, and grow to large sizes. As the years pass though, and their Patriarch grows older and not as light on their feet as he once was, it becomes more difficult to have their father lend his guidance to his flock in battle. Many Cults convert other vehicles into command and control centers, doubling doubling as mobile transports for their Patriarch. The Chimera chassis is commonly used, and fitted scanning and imaging systems plus powerful powerful defensive fields. Special trained multi-limb hybrids are chosen to operate the vehicle vehicle mounted weapons. The Patriarch is aided by a Hierarch, Hierarch, who monitors the gathered battlefield battlefield intelligence data and relays his instructions to the rest of the Cult. A Genestealer Ark may be taken together as an single HQ choice in a Genestealer Cult Army for games of 2000 points of higher only. It must be taken exactly as described below and may not be given any extra equipment from the Armory. The points value indicated for it includes the Genestealer Patriarch, plus the Ark and other associated crew & weapons. In addition it can only be used in battles where both players have decided to allow special characters. Armor Profile Points WS BS S Front Side Rear I A Genestealer Ark 175 6 3 5 14/12 14/10 14/10 5 4 Type: Tank, Open-topped Crew: Patriarch, Genestealer Hierarch, Genestealer Hybrids, Brood Brother Comrade Weapons: Pintel-mounted Storm Bolter, plus Heavy Flamers mounted in the hull and both side sponsons. desired. If this is done the cost for for the Ark is reduced to 135 points. Options: Options: The side sponsons may be dropped if desired. Special Rules: The Ark: The vehicle, Patriarch and crew all constitute a single model. The Patriarch cannot take a Bodyguard and neither he or anyone else can leave the the vehicle. If the vehicle is destroyed, he & the crew are automatically killed. The enemy cannot target separate parts of the Ark from the Patriarch Hybrid Gunners: Each of the Heavy Flamers can fire together as if they were a single weapon, not three (one of the benefits of having extra arms!). Thus all three can be fired even if the Ark moves up to 6 inches. The fire may be targeted at any enemy desired as well, not just one unit. The Comrade driving the Ark can fire Pintel-mounted Storm Bolter as normal, as per the rules for that vehicle upgrade. Command and Control: The Ark carries an array of command & control equipment, with multiple video systems displaying the gathered data for the Hierarch. He can then relay this information information to his fellow Cult units. This allows any one unit with Line of Sight to the the Ark to re-roll any shooting misses once per turn, as long as the Ark also had Line of Sight to that target. Power Field : Power fields are usually much too wasteful, cumbersome cumbersome and energy draining for regular vehicle mounting, but for a single special vehicle the Cult will spare no expense! Built into the Patriarch’s Throne, it gives the Ark an Armor Value of 14 all around for  shooting attacks. In Close Combat however the regular armor values of 12 to the front and 10 to the side & rear take effect. Movement: The Ark has a maximum movement of 12”. If the Ark moved 6” or less in the Movement Phase, then it can make an assault movement of up to 6” in the Assault Phase. As a tank, it can perform Tank Shock in the Movement Phase, but if the unit passes its Morale Test the Ark must stop there and remain stationary stationary in the Assault Phase to fight fight them. If the Shocked unit fails its test, test, the Ark is free to keep moving and continue the turn as normal. Close Combat: The Ark fights in an Assault exactly exactly as a Dreadnought, using the the characteristics given above. above. Any extra attacks from from additional weapons are already included included in the Attacks characteristic. characteristic. All hits are worked out using the Strength Strength value in the profile, with the normal effects for Genestealer Claws. Note that since the Ark is a Vehicle, Vehicle, it will never Falls Back in an Assault, even even if  defeated.

Optional Cult Army Variants The structure and nature of a Genestealer Cult varies from planet to planet, and also with the age of the Cult. The Army list shown above is for fairly mature and established Cult on any of the common Civilized Worlds of the Imperium. Players may also want to try  these variant rules below, to cover Cult uprisings in other situations. Both players should agree to using them before the game though!  For more information on different planet types in Imperial Space, see pages 114-115 in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, and feel free to try out other variant lists for some of the other worlds described there. Any of the special characters can be used in all Cult types.

Feudal/Low-tech Planets: These planets are mostly in a medieval setting, or tech levels lower than the Imperial norm Special Rules: - No Tanks or Heavy Support (except as below) - No Fast Attack except for Mounted Cultist units - Mounted Cultists can be chosen from Troops as well as Fast Attack (player choice) - No restrictions on the number of Mounted Cultist units [(0-2) restriction no longer applies] - Mounted Cultists & Hierarchs have superior riding skills: Trot: In addition to the normal rules for Cavalry models in the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, Mounted Cultists may choose to move at a Trot . See Codex: Imperial Guard for for details on this special rule. - Initiate units cannot have Heavy Weapons except for Heavy Stubbers, and only 1 for every 20 members of the unit . - Initiate units can take an additional Close Combat Weapon or a Double Handed Close Combat Weapon for free. - Instead of regular Heavy Weapon teams, Feudal Cults may only use the following war machines. Unlike normal heavy weapons, these massive machines can only move if both crew are alive. If one crewman is killed, it and its crewman must remain stationary for  the rest of the game. All other rules for Cult Heavy Weapon teams apply, as per the Heavy Support section. Bolt Th Thrower

Cost: +2 +20 po points Weapon Range Str AP Type Bolt Thrower (single shot) 24” 6 3 Heavy 1 Bolt Thrower (volley) 24” 4 5 Heavy 3 A mainstay on low-tech worlds, this ancient war machine fires a huge steel-tipped arrow or bolt at the enemy, where it can possibly pierce one foe with one massive bolt, or scatter multiple shots in a quick volley but with less force. The crew must declare which firing mode is being used before rolling any dice to hit – the single Strength 6 shot, or three shots at Strength 4.

Catapult/Stone Thrower Cost: +20 points Weapon Range Str AP Type Catapult/Stone Thrower (direct hit) G12-48” 8 2 Heavy 1 Blast Catapult/Stone Thrower (blast area) G12-48” 3 6 Heavy 1 Blast Another favorite for Cults emerging on less developed worlds, this device hurls huge stones into the air at enemy units. Some even hit! Catapults operate just like regular Barrage weapons, but with special effects. Once the template is positioned after scattering, see if the small hole in the center of the template touches the base of any enemy models (or vehicles). Any models covered in this way take a direct hit at Strength 8 AP2 as they take the full impact of the falling rock! All other models touched by the template take a Strength 4 hit with AP6 as the resulting flying rock shards fill the air. Catapults can form multiple barrages like other barrage weapons, but never  cause Pinning. Note that the player must must declare a minimum distance of 12 inches inches for range.

Hiveworlds: Massive population concentrations in Hive Spires, surrounded by deadly wastelands (Necromunda is the most famous) Special Rules: - No Tanks, Sentinels or Mounted Cultists allowed - No restrictions on the number of Cultist Biker Units [(0-2) restriction no longer applies] - No restrictions on Heavy Weapon Teams [(0-2) restriction no longer applies] - Initiate units can have two Heavy Weapons instead of just one per unit, or one Heavy Stubber per 10 members of the unit - Initiate units can form Cultist Gangs of 5-10 models (only 1 Heavy Weapon or two Heavy Stubbers though per Cultist Gang unit) - Up to one Cultist Gang may Infiltrate as well as a one regular Initiate unit - Cultist Gangs can Infiltrate even if they have up to one Heavy Weapon - Cultist Gangs can use a special 4” unit coherency distance between members of the unit

Space Hulk/Fresh Cults: These represent Genestealer-infested Hulks, or Cults very early in their development cycle Special Rules: - At least one Initiate unit must be taken, and the total number of Initiates in the Cult must be no less than ½ the total number of Hybrids - Genestealer and Hybrid Broods can be chosen as Troops as well as Elites (Cult player choice) - No regular Magus (Cult is too recent to create one yet) but Hierarchs can be used as normal - Patriarch & his bodyguard can use the Genestealer special movement & reserve rules (Cult is less organized, but he’s younger and lighter on his feet) - No Comrade units, and no Fast Attack, Tanks, or Heavy Support selections allowed (you may choose more Troops if the scenario would call for these as mandatory selections) - No Cult Relics, Books of the Faith, or Bells of Righteousness (Cult has not had time to form religious trappings yet)

Optional Rules: Support Weapons Support Weapons are rare devices of awesome power, many dating back to the time of the Heresy or before. Each usually requires specialized equipment and repair, and are a rare sight outside of Adeptus Mechanicus forces though sometimes seen detached to other  Imperial armies. Rarer still they wind up in the hands of heretic cults bent on revolution or destruction. Even though difficult difficult to ready  and maintain, they are superb in combat and relatively easy to use. Player Consent: Support Weapons can can only be used if both players agree to allow them. If allowed, Genestealer Cults may may choose Support weapons as per the rules below, with each battery counting as two Heavy Support selections. Special Rules: Movement and Crew  Support Weapons have a crew (usually of two Operators) who must stay within 2” of their weapon at all times. Support Weapons cannot be transported. Crew from one Support Weapon Weapon can be used to re-crew other Support Support Weapons as needed. Once the operator moves to to within 2” of  the weapon he becomes its operator, but cannot be used to fire it in that turn. If already within 2”, he can fire it as normal that turn. All Support Weapons in a battery must remain within 4” of each other. Firing a Support Weapon Only one operator is needed for normal operation; the second operator is free to fire any weapons of his own. Both the weapon and at least one Operator must have Line of Sight for non-Guess weapons. Multiple Support Weapons in a Battery will not create Salvos when fired together. Instead, make all range Guesses first as normal, then work out their firing effects one weapon at a time. Shooting at a Support Weapon Battery  When fired upon, randomize hits in a battery (1-4 = hit on operators, 5-6 = hit on the support weapon). The owning player may choose which support weapon or crew are are hit in the battery. Resolve hits against the operators operators as normal. A Support Weapon has an Armor  Armor  value of 10, and if it takes any penetrating or glancing hits it is destroyed and removed from play.  Assaulting a Support Weapon Battery  Enemy units may Assault a support weapons battery in the same manner as assaulting any other unit. Any enemy models in contact with a support weapon can attack it exactly as if it was a vehicle with the same armor value and hit resolution as for shooting above. Support Weapons cannot be fired while any members of their battery are engaged in an assault.

Cult Support Weapons Summary: Support Weapon Tarantula (w/Linked Lascannon) Rapier Mole Mortar (Ground Burst/Air Burst) Thudd Gun

Range 48” 36” G12-48” G12-48”

Str 9 9 4/3 6

AP 2 1 5 5

Type Heavy 1 & Linked, or Assault 1 Assault 1 (if 6” or less movement) Heavy 1, Blast/Ordnance Heavy (2+D3) Blast

Cult Support Weapons Cults can sometimes gain access (or get lucky and steal) Imperial Support Weapons. These are usually large stand-alone weapons, each with it’s own power source and often often even self-propelled. The chances of it happening are very rare rare though. Cults which invest  too much time in attempting to acquire them from their heavily guarded materiel centers usually wind up with li ttle resources left to equip themselves with more conventional weapons. Choosing Cult Support Weapons: Weapons: Cults can form Support Weapons into into Batteries of 1-3 Support Weapons. The Support Weapons in each Battery do not have to be the same weapon; you are free to mix weapons in the Battery as desired. However, obtaining Support Weapons for the Cult ties up many valuable resources that could have been spent in gaining other weapons. Due to this, each Support Weapon Battery selection counts as two Heavy Support choices. The points value per Support Weapon include the cost for the two Brood Brother Comrades serving as Crew. Profile Points/Team WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Brood Brother Comrade 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+ Crew Hybrid Neophyte +12 4 2 4 3 1 5 1 8 5+ Hybrid Acolyte +10 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+ Hybrid Leader: Support Weapon Batteries can be lead by a single Hybrid Acolyte (+10 pts) or Hybrid Neophyte (+12 pts). The Hybrid Leader is with a Laspistol or Autopistol, wears well-made Flak Armor (5+ Save), and can select items from the Armory as normal. Hybrids cannot operate Support Weapons; they simply do not have the training!

Taran tu tu la la We Weapon Pl Platfo rm rm Cost: 35 35 po points ea each + wea po pons co cost Mounted on small anti-grav or hover skirts, Tarantulas are a widely used Adeptus Mechanicus weapon platform. platform. Almost any Imperial  weapon can be easily mounted to the chassis, and with the aid of built-in weapon-linking mechanisms they are very accurate. Crew: Crew: 2 Brood Brother Comrades armed with lasguns or Laspistol and close combat weapon. Weapons: You must equip each Tarantula with one of the following Linked weapon mounts:

Lascannon at +25 pts, Heavy Bolter at +15 pts, Autocannon at +20 points, Missile Launcher at +20 pts, Multi-Melta at +30 pts, Plasma Cannon at +27 pts (note overheating plasma cannons will have no effect). Weapon Range Str AP Type Tarantula (w/Linked Lascannon) 48” 9 2 Heavy 1 & Linked, or Assault 1 Special Rules: A Tarantula is self-propelled; it can make a 6” movement in Movement Phase just like regular infantry and still fire as though it was stationary. If a Tarantula moves, it looses looses its Linked ability though (and thus cannot cannot re-roll misses). Only if it stays stationary stationary can it reroll misses.

Rapier Laser Destroyer Cost: 60 points each Rapier is the common name for a variety of small tracked engines mounting multiple lasers designed to all focus together as a single strike. Known primarily as a tank-killer, the high power beam also have give it a reputation for making sure that any enemy hit stays very, very dead!  Crew: Crew: 2 Brood Brother Comrades armed with lasguns or Laspistol and close combat weapon. Weapons: Multiple Rapier Lasers in “Destroyer” Configuration Weapon Range Str AP Type Rapier lasers 36” 9 1 Assault 1 Special Rules: Rapiers are self-propelled; moving like a vehicle through difficult terrain – if immobilized though then cannot move for rest of the game (though it can turn in place). Rapiers can Move 6” or less in Movement Movement Phase & still fire as normal, normal, but a Rapier moving over 6” (up to a 12” maximum movement) cannot fire. When it moves over 6 inches, the crew move with the Rapier – they hitch a lift on it as it moves, then get off within 2” of the model. Rapiers have superior targeting mechanisms, allowing you to re-roll the Armor Penetration Penetration roll or roll to wound if you wish. You must accept result result of second roll though, even if it is worse.

Mole Mortar Cost: 60 points each Mole Mortars are odd devices much like regular Imperial Mortars, but they fire their shells under the ground rather than through the air. While often inaccurate, they can often catch the enemy unprepared, and the resulting underground explosion literally knocks them off  their feet!  Crew: Crew: 2 Brood Brother Comrades armed with lasguns or Laspistol and close combat weapon. Weapons: Tunnel Torpedoes Weapon Range Str AP Type  Tunnel Torpedo (Ground Burst/Air G12-48” 4/3 5 Heavy 1 Blast/Ordnance Burst) Special Rules: Mole Mortars must remain stationary to fire, though it can be fired in any direction desired. The crew can pick it up and move it 6” in movement phase, but cannot move it in the Assault phase. Firing Procedures: Mole Mortars operate much like a regular Barrage weapon, but have a minimum distance of 12” for the Guess range. Once the distance is measured, roll the Scatter die and 2 D6 at the Guessed location. If at least one Operator has Line of Sight to the target spot then the shot will still scatter as per rules below, but only ½ of the distance rolled rounding up. Subterranean explosion If a Hit, place Blast Template at that location & work out explosion as below. If an arrow, move the template the distance of the higher of the two dice rolls (Mole Mortars are not very accurate!). The Torpedo then explodes just below the surface, creating a crater the size of the Blast template which remains in play for the rest of the game. These craters act as Difficult Terrain and offer a 5+ Cover Save to any models in or behind them, but do not block Line of Sight. All models covered or touching the template take a Strength 4 hit at AP5. Any unit that suffers casualties in this manner is Pinned automatically, unless they are immune from Pinning. Pinning.  Airburst!  If Doubles are rolled, the torpedo has emerged into the air and exploded, spraying shrapnel all around! Scatter the template as per the roll, but use Ordnance template to represent the huge airburst. Any models covered or touching the template take Strength 3 hit at AP5. No crater is created for an Airburst. Airburst. Units suffering casualties casualties in this manner take Pinning checks checks as per normal Barrage Pinning rules (note it is not Ordnance not Ordnance Pinning, even though that template is used for the area of coverage).

Thudd Gun Cost: 65 points each Thudd Guns resemble Rapiers in many respects, but instead of tank-killing lasers Thudd Guns are armed with multiple short-barreled  cannons designed to lay down a salvo of explosive anti-personnel shells. Crew: Crew: 2 Brood Brother Comrades armed with lasguns or Laspistol and close combat weapon. Weapons: Mark III “Punisher” class Quad-launcher  Weapon Range Str AP Type Quad-launcher G12-48” 6 5 Heavy (2+D3) Blast Special Rules: While self-propelled, Thudd Guns must remain stationary to fire. It can move up to 6” in Movement Phase (in the same manner as regular infantry) if desired though. Thudd Guns operate much like a regular Barrage weapon, but have a minimum distance of 12” for the Guess range. If at least one Operator has Line of Sight to the target spot then the shot will still scatter as per rules below, but only ½ o f the distance rolled. Firing Procedures:

Thudd Guns Fire a Salvo of 2+D3 Barrage shots, but each will scatter from the previous template, rather than all scattering from the first shot. Place the first marker as normal, and generate second marker placement as per normal Salvo rules on page 58 of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook. Rulebook. Then scatter the third template template from the location of the the second, and so on. This may result in some models models being covered by multiple templates, but in this case they only are effected by a single hit.

New Missions

 Armory Raid  (Raid Scenario Type) Cult forces are attempting to break into guarded military installations in order to capture weapons and ammunition, or at the very least destroy then and deny use to the enemy. Enemy forces are not expecting the attack, but once alerted must try to prevent the vile insurgents from stealing away with the valuable supplies. This mission can be used if both players have agreed to play a Raid type scenario, and want to try something a little different. If the Cult player had agreed to play Attacker, if the Mission Selection roll i s a Strongpoint Attack mission then he can choose to play this mission instead. This is a variation on Strongpoint Attack mission, and the Cult are always Attackers. Here the Bunkers represent Ammo Storage Storage Buildings. All normal rules for a Strongpoint Strongpoint Attack apply, with the the following changes: Destroying a Bunker is only worth +100 points, though undestroyed Bunkers are still worth +200 points for the Enemy. Capturing Materiel: If destroyed, leave wreckage behind to mark the location. The Cult can also gain Victory Points for getting to these areas, as it gives them a chance to make off with weapons, ammo, etc. To search for materiel, the unit must spend one turn with at least one member on foot in the wreckage area. The unit cannot be engaged in an Assault and cannot shoot that turn for the searching to count. +50 extra points for each Cult unit that gets to a destroyed Bunker and still is no less than 50% strength at the end of the game. +100 points for each Cult unit that gets to a destroyed Bunker and has made it off the board via their own deployment zone before the game has ended. The unit must be no less than half strength strength when it leaves the table though though to count. Note that a unit can only get one or the other, not both. Genestealer Broods, Mounted Cultists, Cult Bikers, or vehicles cannot count here though, though a unit being transported on a vehicle can capture materiel as long as it spends on turn disembarked at the area. Campaign Effects: Cult units which manage to leave the table with captured materiel gain +50 experience

Buying Time (Breakthrough Scenario Type) The Revolution is going badly, and the Cult is retreating. The most loyal and fanatical members have been assigned to slow down the advancing enemy forces in in a hastily prepared defense so that the the Cult leaders have time to escape. The enemy know they must punch punch through these forces to reach the real leaders and wipe out the Cult infestation. This mission can be used if both players have agreed to play a Breakthrough type scenario, and want to try something something a little different. If the Cult player had agreed to play Defender, if the Mission Selection roll is a Rearguard mission then he can choose to play this mission instead. Overall this is a variation of Rearguard Mission, where the Cult are always Defenders. All normal rules for a Rearguard Mission apply, with the following additions: The Cult would never allow their Magus to stay behind in such a suicidal de fense. If the group to be used in the game contained the Magus, the Cult player should treat him as an identically powered & equipped Hierarch, or ideally replace the Magus and his Bodyguard (if chosen) with an equivalent force of a Hierarch and bodyguard. Brood Brother units automatically gain the benefits of always having Line of Sight to their Magus though as per the “ Our Father Watches Us, Let None Fail Him!” special Him!”  special rule, due to their total devotion to the Brood. The Cult may not use Hidden Set-up, Set-up, but it does get to place Obstacles. Obstacles. These can only be Razorwire, as there there is not time to create tank Traps, but the Cult g ets 6+D3 sections to place. Alternatively, it may elect to use only 3+D3 sections of Razorwire but may place any units in Reserve instead. The Cult will place its units first, then then the Attacker. The Cult will go first. Victory Points are used used to determine the winner. Bonus points for: Enemy units of greater than 50% strength, or undamaged vehicles, which manage to get through the Cult defenses and exit the board via the Cult’s deployment area table edge (long edge only!) gain +200 points. A vehicle transporting a unit when exiting, or a vehicle squadron, will at most give +200 points though. Characters or single figure units like a Wraithlord do not count. Damaged enemy vehicles which exit the board via the Cult table edge are worth +100 points. If the entire Cult force is wiped out, the enemy win automatically as they now can easily run down and capture the Cult leaders before they can escape. Campaign Effects: If the Cult force is wiped out, enemy units that are still at 100% strength and are in the Cult deployment zone gain +50 experience. Obviously they will be the ones to go on and capture capture the Magus!

Creating Your Cult  One thing you’ve probably noticed by now is that this army list has very few actual figures made for it! This article is here to help though, with some tips and ideas for converting up existing figures to fill the gaps. We’ll go through the list model by model, but first some overall notes: Bald is Beautiful  Your Genestealer Magus & Hybrids Hybrids should always be bald. Try to trim or file away any facial or other other hair on any models you use for them. Skin tones should range from very nearly human coloration for the Magus, to more and more pink/purple the more the hybrid ranges towards pure Genestealer. Ditto for appearance – the Magus should look very human in form, and the hybrids more bestial. Acolytes should look almost almost human, with perhaps only slightly slightly purple skin tones or a claw instead of a hand. Neophytes are closer to the purestrain form, so they should have 3 or 4 arms, strong purple skin tones, and very alien faces. I like to paint all Patriarch, hybrid & purestrain eyes with a flat black, with just a touch of Grey as the highlight. This contrasts well with the pink/purple skin, and gives a sinister and alien look to them, like shark’s eyes. Cult Colors Most Cult players like to use blue and purple for their clothing and vehicle color scheme, for obvious reasons. I would recommend this also – it’s a visually strong scheme, and not in use by any other armies. One other thing is to try and unify your style of  clothing as much as possible. Remember, your Cult is a religious religious force, not a military one. Try not to mix around with different different styles too much – if you like your Cultists in robes, try to get everyone in robes. Obviously neither of these are hard and fast rules, but I think you’ll find your Cult looks sharper if they project a unified color and clothing approach. OK, enough decorating tips – on to conversions. As a good general idea though, leaf through your Citadel Annuals in all the sections, not just the 40K part, for model model ideas. Many of the figures below are not not from the 40K range! Genestealer Magus There are several old Citadel figures for these, but almost any character model will work. In my Cult, I liked the idea of everyone wearing robes, or at at least heavy overcoats. overcoats. Thus my choices for Magus Magus models lean towards several several Warhammer  fantasy wizards, Eldar Warlocks (with the heads replaced of course!), and other other robed figures. I’ve worked up one based on Chaos special character Ahriman’s body with a bald head from the plastic Chaos Warrior regiment, and another from the Empire Grand Theogonist (who rides on the War Altar). Remember the Magus should look almost 100% human, with only a slightly purple skin tone; other than that any regular looking human model will work well for him. Remember you’ll only need one in your Cult, so really go to town on him! For those who want the old models from Mail Order, here are the part numbers: Magus with Staff 072596/5 Magus with Scanner 072596/6 Magus Magus with with Laspi Laspistol stol & mike mike 072596/7 072596/7 Magus with Staff 2 072596/1 Magus Advisor 072583/7 Patriarch He should be a very large, very ancient looking looking Genestealer. You could work one up based on the regular Genestealer  Genestealer  model (perhaps by adding extra armor p lating & ridges, and doing paler skin tones), but frankly I’d recommend getting the old Citadel model for him via via Mail Order. Here’s the part numbers: 072596/7, /8, /9. /9. Hierarchs Like the Magus, any human looking figure will work here. I envisioned my Hierarchs being more into commando style missions, so I like using the more action-looking figures. Bald heads are still important, so I picked ones such as the Catachan Lt model (010504701), Necromunda Underhive Scum with Bolt Pistols (059906304), Necromunda Delaque leaders (059900610, 059902417), and any of the Imperial Preachers or Missionaries from the Sisters of Battle line. Cult Limousine You have a choice here of working from a commercial plastic model limo or car here, or converting from regular citadel vehicles. If you go with the former, make sure it has some armor plating attached, unless you’re going for the Unarmored Limo option. The later is harder, but gives a more unified appearance (as if all the Cult vehicles had been worked up from the same common stockyard). I’ve made up some using Rhino hulls, with with Chimera siding, small bike tires, and a lot of thin sheet plastic. I created the transmission and axel housings using a metal Hellhound fuel hose (010505509) & Leman Russ sponson rear half cylinders (010505310). Almost anything will work fine fine though, as long as it doesn’t look too big or too heavily heavily armored. Purestrain Genestealers Anyone having problems with these should go back to playing Space Marines. You’re just not ready to take over the world just yet . Genestealer Hybrids I like pretty much using regular human models here, with some swapping of arms & heads to give the hybrid look. We’ll cover each type separately:  Acolytes: Like the Hierarchs, these should look very human, but be “wrong” on at most one area. For example, a nearly human form, but purple skin tones. Only two arms for them normally normally (3 at most!), but one can can be a stealer claw. Use the plastic stealer arms & claws here to swap out for regular human arms & hands. Neophytes: These should look more alien, with 3 or 4 arms and and a strong purple skin tone. I’ve made several using the Ork Slaver  Slaver  model (again, using the robes as the the unifying theme for the Cult) with with new stealer claws. I even turned the Red Gobbo from Gorkamorka into a Hybrid! You can even use the plastic genestealer bodies, with human arms (the plastic Catachans work fine here). The overall goal though should be models be like Genestealers with a slightly human look, as opposed to the Acolytes who should appear more like humans with a slightly Genestealer look. There are quite a few old Citadel Hybrids too. too. I recommend just the two two below though: Hybrid with Power Sword & Autopistol: 072557/6 Hybrid with Autogun: 072557/10

I like these two as they are the best looking of the bunch, and you can easily convert them to have other weapons. The first one can be changed to carry any manner of pistol or most close combat weapons; the second to take pretty much any two-handed weapon or even a heavy weapon. Brood Brother Comrades Dead easy here: Imperial Guard or Adeptus Arbites are the obvious choices. File off the offending Imperial symbols and you’re ready to paint! I’d stick with the more “military” looking style models here to differentiate them from your Initiates; Initiates; I use Valhallans mostly (heavy overcoats) with some of the old Arbites models too. Brood Brother Initiates & Bodyguard  Speaking of which… You’re spoiled for figures here. Necromunda models models are the the first choice choice for  most Cult players (I went with with Delaques to continue the bald & robed scheme scheme of my Cult). You can also use regular Warhammer  Warhammer  Empire figures (especially the plastic Soldiers of the Empire regiment figures), especially especially for your Feudal style Cults. Frateris Militia models are also great too. No matter what you choose choose though, your Initiates should present present a much more rag-tag look than than your  Comrades. These should look more more like armed civilians, rather than a military military force. Mounted Cultists & Hybrids I like using Bretonnian Squires here, here, with my Hybrids coming from from the Tallarn Rough Rider line. Kislev Horse Archers can also work well for your Cultists too – pretty much any horsemen with little or no armor will work. Cultist Bikers & Hybrids I use Chaos Bikes here, as they have a nice Hog look to them. I filed off the chaos symbols and most of the spikey bits, and replaced both both bolt guns with metal Chaos Bike targetters targetters (to look like headlights). I also trimmed away the the TV set scanners on the handlebars too. too. The overall goal was to make them look more like civilian bikes than military weapons. weapons. Ork Warbikes also work well here too (file off the Evil Evil Sunz bits!) – a mix of the two bike types types give the right “biker rally” feel to the the unit. As for the riders, the legs from the plastic Ork or Chaos riders are OK with some trimming, but I like using other torsos like plastic Necromunda Goliaths. Heads from plastic Catachans Catachans mix in well too, or left over pilot heads heads from the plastic Sentinel. Sentinel. Arms are harder – I either stick stick with trimmed regular Chaos or Ork driver arms, or convert from metal biker arms like the Gorkamorka Biker. I generally only have one arm on the wheel though – they all look wilder that way! Hybrid Sidecar – Sidecar – use the regular Space Marine Attack Bike sidecar chassis, chair back, and mudguard. Lots of figures will work as a basis for the sidecar hybrid, especially especially Gorkamorka Ork or Digga Truck Truck gunners. You can build up a sidecar shell around the hybrid hybrid using sheet plastic, or even the old metal Space Marine Landspeeder fairings. Both the new plastic Sentinel and also the old metal one also give a great sidecar shells too! Cult Light Attack Vehicles Ork Wartracks and Warbuggies, natch. Replace the Orks (especially their heads) with human parts (again, gotta love the plastic Catachan & Sentinel pilot heads here). Replace the weapons as necessary with metal or plastic ones (IG heavy weapons work well here). Cult Battle Trucks Same comments as above, but using Ork Wartrukks or even Gorkamorka Digga Trucks here as the basic model though. As a note, you don’t need to try & fit fit all the Initiates into the truck though. though. I generally put one or two on the board to to show my opponent that yes, there are indeed reckless Brood Brothers on board; the rest are set aside away from the playing area. When they get out or the truck is destroyed, I put the rest out on the table. Brood Brother Heavy Weapon Teams Regular IG heavy weapon teams, of course. Anyone not realizing this immediately might not be cut out for doing a Cult . Cult Support Weapons These are old Citadel Models, all available via Mail Order. Order. Here are the part numbers: Tarantula: 072170/1, /2, /3, /4 (part 3 is a Multi-Melta, Multi-Melta, so you’ll need two). Other heavy weapons also can fit too too with some work. Rapier: 072045/14*2, /15, /16, /17 /17 (part 14 is a track side, so you’ll need two) Mole Mortar: Mortar: RTB3/L, RTB3/K RTB3/K Thudd Gun: 072045/6, /7, /11, /12, /10, /10, /8*2 (part 8 is the wheel, so you’ll need two) two) Really ambitious modelers and True True Hobbyists will of course have a go at scratch scratch building them. I salute you all! For the gunners, I like using IG models with either lascannon controls or comm links. Mortar loaders are perfect for Mole Mortar crew too. Again, these are supposed to be Comrades, so I use more militaristic looking IG or Arbite figs here.

Special Characters: Janos Armistadt the Traveler  I used the old Warhammer Fantasy Light Wizard as his basis, cutting off his sword and staff top. The staff  top was replaced with the bottom bottom of Arhiman’s staff staff,, and the sword with a nice looking Bolt Pistol Pistol with a scope attachment. For his Protectorate, I used the Light Wizard Acolytes so the entire unit had a very strong unifying look. The acolyte figures are easily converted to carry pretty much any weapon needed. For their Suicide Bombs, I used Epic 40K Hydra radar dishes (030500805), though any small techie bit will work well. Warhammer Empire Light Wizard: 073791/6 Warhammer Empire Empire Light Wizard Acolytes: 073800/1, /2 Manos the Mad  The main body comes from poor old Uriah Jacobus (010802101), but his right arm was replaced with a plastic Genestealer arm. I added a regular flamer in his new lower right arm (plastic flamers work well; I used a metal Necromunda Redemptionist Deacon’s flamer 059900708 059900708 though as it had some nice flame markings). The Eye of Judgement was made from the top of a Necromunda Weird Telepath (059905201), cut off and placed upside down. At the top I added the tip from an Eversor Assassin Array (010800303) to to create the actual actual Eye. I kept the rest of the array though though – it makes a great backpack for a hybrid! I added a Mounted Wight sheathed sword (020702711) to top him off. Originally Manos was my Cult Icon Bearer from my 2 nd Ed Cult army, but one of the perks of writing an army list is that you get to create new special characters and he was just calling out for some special rules!

Genestealer Ark  This is a big one, and not for the feint of heart! The main chassis is a Griffon, but with sponsons added by cutting off  the hull sidings after the second panel. Plastic Leman Russ sponsons are added, with heavy flamers from the vehicle accessory accessory sprue. If you choose not to add sponsons, just assemble the Chimera side armor as normal. A heavy flamer is also added in the hull weapon mounting (the plastic one from the vehicle accessory sprue, or the metal one from the Baal Predator 010117504). The rear bed was covered with sheet plastic, then screen mesh. A Hellhound Fuel tank assembly (010505503, 010505506) was mounted in the rear, and a regular storm bolter to the the top hatch. For the record, the plastic sprues sprues used here are: Chimera Body Frame B Chimera Body Frame C Tank Tracks Frame T Tank Wheel Frame W Tank Accessory Sprue Leman Russ Body Frame B (sponsons) Leman Russ Body Frame C (sponsons) The Patriarch model is an old Citadel model of a Patriarch on a Throne (072583/1, /2, /3, /4, /5, /6). I used more Hellhound Fuel hoses below and in the rear of the throne to create the look of heavy power lines running into it. His Hierarch advisor can be any model, though I used one of the old Magus models (Magus with Laspistol & microphone). I cut off the Laspistol and added a human hand to give him a better pose. It’s a tight fit to get both the throne throne and the Hierarch in the rear area, but it can be done. done. The figure popping out the hatch was made from a Delaque Heavy Stubber body (059900607) cut in half, and given new hands. To tech up the Ark, I added the front plate and support from a Tarantula (072170/4, /2), plus some space marine bike TV sets to each side. Any other tech looking items (like video cameras from Apothecary backpacks) backpacks) can be added as desired; I added some Leman Russ plastic handholds as it looked like it could be a rough ride for the Hierarch! I added two Epic 40K plastic Genestealers to the front as garnish, and it’s ready to strike fear in the hearts of all unbelievers!

Other bits that can come in handy: Titan Devotional Bells – make great great Bells of Righteousness! (076027/27)

Stories! Coming soon, I promise  As a teaser, here are the ones planned. planned. Each will be a short “interlude” between between sections of rules. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Initial Initial Hulk sightin sighting, g, along with with investig investigation ation report report and and first first infestati infestation on Infestati Infestation on start – infested infested human human retires retires to countryside/ countryside/isol isolated ated area to marry, marry, start start settlement settlement Settlement Settlement growing, growing, birth birth notices. notices. Very secretive, secretive, no pics pics allowed allowed Cult emerges emerges as as new religion religion.. Report Report by local local Ministor Ministorum um officials officials – totall totally y safe, safe, of course! course! Commando Commando raids by Hierar Hierarch ch & infiltrate infiltrated d PDF PDF forces forces Captured Arbite Arbite spy spy brought before Magus Magus (ala (ala Conan brought before James Earl Jones). Jones). Depth of Arbite infiltration revealed Revolt starts! starts! Bits from several several combat combats. s. Lots of betrayal betrayals s in imperi imperial al forces. forces. Surprise Surprise Eldar Eldar showup showup? ? Victory! Victory! Cult basks in glory, glory, as as a Hive Hive Fleet arrives arrives & blots out the the sun. sun. Fade out… out…

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