Advantages and Disadvantages of Load Bearing Wall System

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Advantages of Frame Structures1. 4. One of the best advantages of frame structures is their ease in construction. it is ...


 Advantages of Frame Frame Structures 1.


One of of the best best adv advant antage agess of frame frame stru structu ctures res is thei theirr ease ease in cons constru tructi ction. on. it it is very very eas easy y to teach the labor at the construction site. 2. Fram Fr amee str struc uctu ture ress can can be co cons nstr truc ucte ted d rap rapid idly ly.. 3. Econom Eco nomy y is also also ver very y import important ant fact factor or in in the desi design gn of buil buildin ding g syste systems. ms. Fram Framee struc structur tures es have economical designs. Optimum us use of of fl floor sp space.

Disadvantages of Frames: 1.

n frames frames structure structures! s! span lengths lengths are are usually usually limited limited "hen normal normal reinforce reinforced d concrete concrete #generally less than about 13 m! but up to about 1$ m%. Other"ise spans greater than that! can cause lateral deflections.

2. &enerally! frames are are fle'ible structures and lateral lateral deflections deflections control the design design process process for for  buildings "ith greater than about about 4 stories.

 Advantages of Structural Structural Walls 1. Load bearing bearing walls reduce interstor interstorey ey distortions distortions due to to earthquake-induced earthquake-induced motions and reduce the likelihood likelihood of damage to the nonstructural nonstructural element s of building. 2. Buildings stiened by structural structural walls during during earthquak earthquakes es have pointed pointed to be be consistently better performance than rigid-framed buildings. . !he performance performance of buildings buildings stiened stiened by properly design structural structural walls walls has been better with respect to both safety and damage control. control. ". # structure structure with structural structural walls$ walls$ which which is substantially substantially stier and hence has a shorter period than a structure structure with frames$ will suer less lateral displacement than the frame$ when sub%ected to the same ground motion intensity. &. !hey are are used to keep the the lateral drift within within reasonable reasonable limits limits by resisting resisting hori'ontal forces.

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